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Oct 31 2018

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101 Collins Street has played a defining role in the character and identity of the Melbourne Skyline for more than 25 years. Not only the city’s premier business address, it has maintained a deep connection with Melbourne’s cultural heart. In keeping with this tradition, 101 Collins Street is gifting the city a dazzling new lighting show.

Running from the building’s 43rd floor up to the 260-metre high pinnacle, 700 metres of linear LED - capable of displaying 16 million different colours, have light up Melbourne’s skyline each night. Inspired by the displays on some of the world’s most famous buildings including the Empire State building and the Eiffel Tower, the installation features curated displays designed to change with seasons, cultural events, and Melbourne’s major sporting calendar including the Grand Prix, AFL Grand Final, and the Melbourne Cup.

The inaugural show was shown at 8.30pm on Wednesday, 24 October with a dramatic display specifically designed to celebrate its launch. Programmed shows have been taking place daily - beginning with a vibrant sunset display at twilight, transitioning through a variety of hourly scenes before concluding with a ‘moonset’ show at midnight.

A classic architectural statement with a striking lobby designed by the renowned Johnson Burgee, 101 Collins Street is an iconic and unsurpassed corporate landmark – a place where the most influential companies in the world do business, including the likes of Herbert Smith Freehills, Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, and Allens Linklaters.

Head of Funds Management at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), Brett Dillon says that buildings like 101 Collins Street play a vital part in defining the skyline of their cities. “We wanted to build on 101’s iconic status by creating something that engages with not only our tenants, but with the broader Melbourne community.”

“While 101 Collins is synonymous with Melbourne’s corporate strength, projects like this help bring together the built environment with the creative culture that really defines this city” says Dillon.

“AXA IM is consistently innovating with new initiatives at 101 Collins Street to ensure the building remains a leader in Melbourne’s fiercely competitive commercial market” he said.

The show’s RGB LED lighting technology uses a Pharos control system, making it up to 50 percent more energy efficient than the energy source its replacing. Designed by renowned engineering firm ARUP, the show uses a 3D canvas for displaying layered content on the building’s different faces. To make sure the original architecture of 101 Collins Street is respected, the lighting fixtures will be unnoticeable during the day.



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