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'WHAT WEALTH MEANS TO ME' - Kirra Belle Olsson & Jesse Prager

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Apr 22 2019

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According to Forbes; Millennials are fast becoming the largest generation in America. Millennials have the power to reshape the economy as we know it. In America, Millennials are on the cusp of surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation, according to population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. In Australia, NSW specifically, Millennials makeup over 25% of the population and are now the largest generational group, having overtaken the baby boomers in 2016. Millennials will remain a major force throughout the next 40 years, making up the largest proportion of the population into the 2030s

Jesse Prager is in his mid-20s, loves to surf and is a commercial pilot, making six figures. He has the life; he works about 8 days a month for a commercial airline, where he flies to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Hawaii, surfs with his friends and flies home to surf some more. In his spare time, he has taught himself to trade FX. His girlfriend Kirra Belle Olsson is a professional surfer, sponsored by Rip Curl and Elle Bache, she gets cash flow from working as well as sponsorships, endorsements, and Instagram posts to her 25k Instagram followers. 

Both of them live a globe-trotting life, where getting on a plane to some exotic and remote surfing spot is like getting on the bus. 

I think it’s a fascinating emerging investment demographic, financially empowered Millennials. Jesse, Kirra and their peer group are dogged, sophisticated and competitive when it comes to committing daily investing and learning habits, audio books and executing on investment strategies to get ahead.

MP: What does wealth mean to you?

Kirra: Achievement and freedom.

Jesse: Probably financial freedom, the choice, the means and the freedom to be anywhere anytime.   

MP: Does having a rich life mean the same thing?

Jesse: No, I think wealth is financial and having a rich life means experiences, relationships, achievements and challenges that fulfill you emotionally.

Kirra: Financial empowerment gives you the ability to enrich and enhance the other areas of your life which overall is what a rich life means to me.

MP: What are your favourite material things and why are they so important to you?

Kirra: My surfboards, bikinis and an aquamarine stone on a necklace that Jesse gave to me for Christmas, it’s a little part of the ocean I take everywhere with me. 

Jesse: My van. It’s a 4 wheel drive that I bought to camp in, we have completely refitted it with a bed in the back, storage for food, clothes and our boards so we can drive to all the best surf spots in Australia and camp in the back.

We are at Bells beach at the moment because Kirra just competed in the surf comp a few days ago here and next we will drive up to Queensland for the comp that she will compete in early May. I have a break from flying at the moment and so we have been able to road trip around for an extended period, I have really loved it because I feel free. 

I also just bought a new Holden Ute and it’s my first brand new car- I absolutely love it! 

MP: What are some of the most positive habits you have picked up from your parents, that you are grateful for, how has this contributed to the quality or the richness of your life today? 

Kirra: I am the second of five kids, I have an older brother, younger brother and my two younger sisters are five and two and a half. A stand out for me is that Dad taught me to be very disciplined very early on. We wake up at 5 am every morning, train everyday surf twice a day, most days and have a strong work ethic. Being up early and tackling the day with enthusiasm has been engrained in me.

Jesse: Both our parents gave us a lot of love and I feel so grateful for that. I am the youngest of three, our mum has always been unique and ahead of the curve with our health. One stand out is that we were bought up on organic food, supplements like green powder, Aloe Vera juice and spirulina and always taught that the quality of your life depends on your health and vitality. Sport and exercise has always been a huge part of my life and surfing every day, yoga and going to the gym are part of my daily habits as a result. 

MP: What are some of the best books you have read in terms of life lessons?

Kirra: David Goggins 'Can't Hurt Me', 'The Gratitude Effect' by Dr. D Martni.

Jesse: I love reading and also love audiobooks, I am reading 'Shantaram' at the moment and I love that it’s a true story and how resourceful the character in the book is.

The book is set in India, I have never been but reading it has made me realise just how lucky we are to live in Australia, the story is colorful, engaging and brilliantly written. 

In terms of practical financial books, I loved the 'Richest Man in Babylon', Anthony Robbins; 'Money Master the Game' and I also really love reading books like Wayne Dwyer's interpretation of the Tao. 'Shoe Dog', the Nike Autobiography, 'Untethered Soul' & 'The Surrender Experiment'. 

MP: Who would you say your mentors are and why? 

Kirra: Bethany Hamilton, her arm was bitten off surfing by a shark when she was 13, she is a Rip Curl surfer and a mum of two, she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She doesn’t give up, ever.

Jesse: Gary V - he specialises in advertising and social media.  Lewis Mocker who trades FX and has his own platform - I have taught myself to trade FX with his programmes and I love how easy his daily content and training is to access on Snapchat youtube and Instagram.  I also like how transparent social media makes him and that he walks the talk. 

MP: Talking of rich experiences, What have been highlights so far for you?

Kirra: Skydiving for my 18thBirthday a few days ago, getting sponsored by Rip Curl, getting sponsored by Elle Bache, going to Byron Bay and Samoa on Rip Curl surfing tours and going with Jesse recently to Hawaii and an Island off Sumatra to surf. 

When I was 13, I was attacked by a shark whilst I was surfing, the shark severed my leg and Achilles. I had to be rushed to the hospital and had surgery, I had 30 stitches all an inch apart from each other up and down my leg and some internal. I got back in the water three months later and psychologically, it was a lot for me to get over. I still get scared when I’m out in the surf and I get flashbacks when the water is murky but my mind is strong, I stay out and the fear goes away. The experience has taught me resilience and how powerful the mind is. I know it could happen again but I also know the chances are slim so I have had to train my mind to focus and stay calm when I get flashbacks so that I can focus on my surfing and how great it feels to catch waves and win competitions.

Jesse: Redoing my HSC and getting in the high 90s and getting my commercial pilots license, flying, buying my van and my Ute. Defiantly the Hawaii and Sumatra surfing trips with Kirra and this Bells trip has been so much fun! 

MP: What are some of your investment goals?

Kirra: I am so keen to learn as much as I can in this space, and I know that it’s going to be a lifelong learning experience. I want to invest as much as I can - I have just turned 18 and have opened a Saxo Capital Market trading account, so I can get exposure to USA stocks and index funds, I like Australian bank shares and plan to reinvest the income for growth. We have both just registered to invest in property via Golden Goose Capital, I am keen to learn how to get investment exposure to other types of property other than buying a house.  

I am saving up for my next round of competitions, the first is the Gold Coast Open in Berligh in QLD, which gives the winner 1500 QS points and then my goal is to get to the Super Girl Pro at Ocean Side in California in July, the winner gets 6000 points. The next one the following day is the Vans USA Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach California if I win that I get 10,000 points. The Mexico pro is next, and the winner gets awarded 10,000. You need a minimum of 13,000 points to qualify for the global championship tour.

I know whilst I am young and earning winnings from competitions and endorsements I need to invest as much of that as I can and as wisely as I can.

Jesse: To keep my expenses low and invest as much of my cash flow as possible whilst I am young for compounded growth, so the income from my invested capital more than covers my living expenses & so I have enough left over to re-invest. Also to buy a boat, which Ill buy with a few of my mates - which isn’t an investment - but we wakeboard a lot and it’s really important to me to do this because it means quality time with friends and amazing fun experiences together, which I do see as an investment because it creates memories and amazing experiences like that energise you. 


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