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Affordable housing the focus of new AHURI research

Property Markets / Outlook


Apr 15 2018

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More affordable housing for low income groups could be achieved through incentives and density bonuses for developers, along with mandates on the development of affordable housing during rezoning, according to research from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute. 

The newly released report says inclusionary planning tools which are more common overseas but have started to be introduced in Australia, work best when part of a broader government strategy to address the housing affordability.

AHURI’s suggestions are based on the success of such measures overseas, such as England and Scotland, where new housing developments are expected to be 20 to 40 per cent affordable housing. 

An inclusionary zoning requirement in San Francisco, USA, combined with density bonus incentives, has delivered about 150 to 250 affordable units a year in recent years, which is around 12 per cent of annual new housing ­supply.

In Australia, South Australia requires 15 per cent of all housing in significant residential developments to be affordable to low or moderate income earners, while in NSW, a density bonus allows developers increased floorspace in return for affordable rental housing. 




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