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MVRDV completes Baltyk, its first building in Poland

Property Markets / Planning, Zoning, Infrastructure


Jun 23 2017

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Hadley Keller, Architectural Digest

At first glance, BaÅ‚tyk, MVRDV's first building in Poland, looks as if it might tip over at any moment. The structure, with a graphic glass-and-concrete façade, appears to rest precariously on one corner.

In reality, the Rotterdam-based architects have optimized the building's footprint to allow for maximum space on the city street below, a decision that also gives Bałtyk a distinct appearance from every angle.

"When we came to PoznaÅ„ for the first time, the goal was clear: We were to realize an office building with public functions on the first two layers and at the top that offered a range of amenities for the community and general public,” said MVRDV cofounder Nathalie de Vries in a statement.

“We realized that if we could control the footprint of the building, we could create a new square between Baltic and Concordia streets. We responded by turning diagonal shapes into terraces, usable by the office workers, creating a thin building that is very different from all four sides."

The building, with interiors by MVRDV and local firm Natkaniec Olechnicki Architekc, fits neatly into Poznań's tradition of modernism, adding to a skyline already punctuated by Marek Leykam's conic Okrąglak rotunda, built in 1954 as a state-of-the-art department store. MVRDV's addition is a testament to the city's growing economy: Bałtyk contains nearly 40,000 square feet of office space, as well as 4,400 square feet of retail, and a restaurant with panoramic views of Poznań. Looks like a trip to Poland is in order.

SOURCE: Architectural Digest


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