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Architect Daniel Boddam lends his midas touch to Bondi apartment.

The Property Addict / Architecture & Design

Sep 28 2016

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Editorial by Maggie Kelly, photos supplied Daniel Boddam and his wife Kelly Geddes love houses. So much so, in fact, they have had quite a few: their current South Bondi abode is the third they have bought, renovated, and sold together in their four years of marriage"¦and they're almost ready to do it all again. The couple are a dynamic artistic duo. Daniel, a second generation architect and furniture designer; Kelly, the photographer daughter of the iconic Anne Geddes. Together, they work to create magnificent spaces that are as beautiful from the outside as they are from within. BondiApartment_Daniel Boddam_001 For now, South Bondi is home. Happily perched in that inimitable beachside suburb that personified the luxe beach lifestyle, their home is typically Bondi, typically Sydney, and - in a way - typically Boddam. The "Ë?Boddam style', you see, is all about crisp modernism. Muted palettes of bleached white and silvery greys, natural wooden tones, and earthy materials seem to mirror the Sydney aesthetic of polished, yet casual. And yet, underneath the neat stylised beauty of Boddam's work is something much more difficult to achieve: character. There is no cookie-cutter design code for Daniel. Each building and space he works within is approached as a fresh new eyes. "We've been in this apartment for a year and a half," says Daniel, "and we renovated it pretty much as soon as we bought it. It was unlivable!" Hmm. There are many shades of unliveable, depending on one's temperament... "The carpet smelt," laughs Daniel, "It was just grubby and hadn't been touched for 30 years." Ah, we see. BondiApartment_Daniel Boddam_002 This is one of the wonderfully endearing things about Daniel Boddam. Regardless of the luxury spaces he lives and breathes for work, his love for architecture doesn't put him beyond a good, old-fashioned, "Ë?doer-upper'. The transformation on their South Bondi apartment was enormous. The first thing to go, obviously, was the carpet. And then? "New floorboards throughout, and we created new openings to the sunroom and kitchen to bring in much more natural light - but being on the top floor we did that pretty easily. We raised the floor of the sunroom up so it's seamless between living spaces, so the sunroom is now our dining room, and new joinery throughout. New kitchen, new bathroom, new services - we put in gas - new skirting, lighting, electrical, pretty much the works." It seems nothing short of remarkable that Daniel and Kelly repeat this exhausting process every few years. And yet, to look at the end result, the incentive becomes clear: the apartment is stunning. The art deco/ Spanish missions style decor remains a key feature in the design, with the decorate ceilings and beautiful sunroom softening the otherwise minimal interiors. The trademark light and bright Boddam palette opens up the otherwise small space, with high white ceilings and a warmer eggshell shade on the walls breathing fresh air into the apartment. And, in the most perfect of juxtaposition, edgy detailing of raw concrete, natural fibres, and luxe marble touches tie the whole thing together in that easy, modern, vibe that Daniel Boddam is known for. BondiApartment_Daniel Boddam_014 It's easy to pinhole the South Bondi pad as just a stepping stone to their next renovation. But speaking with Daniel, you sense that he cannot help but inject a little bit of heart into every design he commits to. Case in point: the bath. "Kelly always wanted a bath," explains Daniel. "I've always thrown out the bath in previous designs to allow for space, and this time I did the same thing - and she lost interest! So I said hang on, I'll redesign the bathroom." "I gave her the bath." On that note, the bathroom really does deserve a mention. It is truly beautiful. Softly muted tones of raw concrete rendered walls and marble benchtops are unexpectedly inviting - whilst the freestanding bathroom and rainshower "Ë?wet room' is both innovative and practical. See? You can have your cake and eat it too"¦ For two creative minds, Daniel and Kelly were lucky enough to find kindred spirits when it came to their home's design. Unlike many couples who struggle to match their opposing aesthetics, Kelly and Daniel discovered a shared love for simple lines, fresh colours, and minimal decor. BondiApartment_Daniel Boddam_012 "We both seek similar simplicity in our work, and the apartment kind of reflects that," says Daniel "It's modern but it's still warm, as well." With his clientele dotted around Australia - and the world - Daniel maintains a commitment in his designs to the place and it's people. When asked if he starts a project from the outside in (looking at the surrounds) or from the inside out (working from a client's brief), he insists that the structure must feel at home in its environment to really work. "I really try and get inspired by a sense of place," he explains. "Whether that's on the coast, in the city, internationally - that's really picking up on the history and style of what people are drawn to by the area. And then I try and give it a modern twist. Sophisticated, elegant, and have a timeless quality." Indeed, his luxe beachside abode pays tribute to his "Ë?preserve and protect' mentality. Whilst the apartment has been overhauled from derelict to pristine, Daniel and Kelly have still managed to retain that Bondi charm that still draws the crowds today. It a home, with warmth and soul - and to achieve that with minimal modern design? Well, that's no mean feat. BondiApartment_Daniel Boddam_010 Like any good artist, Daniel finds himself inspired by a great many influences around him: his father (also an architect and his business partner for many years), and a French creative called Christian Liaigre. "Theres one designer that I really admire, Christian Liaigre. He's an interior designer and a furniture designer," says Daniel. "His designs are very elegant, you can get a sense of history, but they are also really modern." Perhaps it was Liaigre who inspired Daniel's recent foray into furniture design? Daniel recently launched a line of luxury furniture under the weighty title of The Monuments Collection. Designed after some of the world's most famous structures such as the Pantheon and Mayan temple El Castillo, Daniel Boddam clearly appreciates the tie between history and today. It's a sentiment that runs strongly in everything Boddam designs - from his homes to his architecture, his furniture to his wife's beloved bath; everything has a story and a connection with the past. A humble homage of what once was, polished with the gleaming touch of Daniel Boddam modern design. BondiApartment_Daniel Boddam_011   You can see more from Daniel Boddam on his websiteÃ?



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