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Daniel Boddam

The Property Addict / Architecture & Design

Jun 01 2016

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Sydney based architect Daniel Boddam founded his eponymous studio in 2013 to create progressive, enduring design in architecture, interiors and furniture. The studio, located in Rushcutters Bay, is home to a creative mix of architects and interior designers and a showroom space developed to house the new furniture collection " Monument. In 2015 Daniel realised a dream by creating Monument " a collection of furniture pieces produced in a natural material palette including wood, metal and stone. The architect's first collection is inspired by ancient design principles and his personal experiences of monumental architecture across Europe and the Americas. 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12855 Boddam studied architecture at Sydney University, graduating on the Dean's Honours list, while working as an apprentice at his parents' practice. After graduating Boddam developed his art practice creating sculptures and drawings exploring abstract forms exhibited at Richard Martin Art, Paddington before travelling overseas. Living in Granada and then London, Daniel continued his art making from a studio in London Bridge showing his works at Spitalfields' Sunday Upmarket. Still in London, Boddam came back to architecture gaining international experience at Black Architecture Limited before returning to Sydney to start his own practice. His parents, both architects, immersed Daniel in architecture and design from an early age with some of his earliest memories including touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters and Robie House. Pieces by Le Corbusier, Joseph Hoffman and Charles Rennie Mackintosh at his childhood homes in Balmoral and Mosman Bay instilled an early appreciation for natural materials, composition and the multidisciplinary approach of these icons. "I knew I wanted to be an architect from the moment I understood the fundamental architectural principles of function, proportion and beauty could be applied to other design disciplines including furniture and object design." - Daniel Boddam Daniel was recently shortlisted for the 2015 IDEA emerging designer of the year and his studio for a best workplace category. He lives at Sydney's Bondi Beach with his wife, photographer Kelly Geddes. 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12925_crop 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12919-1_crop 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12910_crop 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12895_crop 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12843 20150930_DanielBoddam_FurnitureShots12834 07 of 10 06 of 10 05 of 10 04 of 10 03 of 10 02 of 10 01 of 10



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