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Heidi Gill showcases her designer's touch in sunny Bellevue Hill home.

The Property Addict / Architecture & Design

Nov 02 2016

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Words: Maggie Kelly. Photography: Felicie Chardon. The practiced hand of an experienced interior stylist is hard to miss. Stepping inside the home of Heidi Gill, her touch is immediately present: the eye skims over a perfectly matching coffee table book and vase, past a delicious bunch of plump pink flowers, lingers on a midnight blue Queen Elizabeth armchair. Nothing looks deliberate, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it is. The space just works. 009 007 Heidi Gill is a Sydney interior stylist, mother, and veritable master of "Ë?mismatched chic'. And one would hope so - her boutique event styling company "Ë?The Bespokery' promises to customers that, "We take time to source the interesting and the beautiful, and celebrate bringing things together that shouldn't work - but do." It's actually a great way to describe her stunning Bellevue Hill home that she shares with husband James and daughter Jemima. On paper, it sounds like a jumble of mismatched items - I mean, there's velvet throw cushions and looming antique oil paintings, dogs and antique books, marble benchtops scattered with coloured pens. Sketches. Shoes. Mirrors. Flowers in glass bell jars. There's a lot going on - but, as promised, it works together as a stunning home. 001 The lush and leafy street of Bellevue Road, Bellevue Hill, is home to grandiose mansions and sprawling estates. The Gill household, however, could almost pass you by - sitting behind a large and unsuspecting fence, the two townhouses that make up her building are nestled among thick foliage. But step inside, and it's another world. Their spacious apartment sits among lush gardens, heady with summer jasmine and gloriously private from the outside world. Walking through, something even more unexpected emerges - sweeping city views that stretch far across Sydney and frame its iconic skyline. It's glorious. "We loved the privacy of the communal garden and the tranquillity of the outlook," says Heidi, "plus we have an unexpected and gorgeous view of the Sydney skyline across the gardens of Double Bay." 018 For Heidi, it was love at first sight for this inner-city oasis - and she had to work to make it hers! "We were introduced to the property by our wonderful neighbours who we convinced to sell it to us," laughs Heidi. And in the years since they have been there, she has transformed it into her own. How? Styling a home - or any space, for that matter - comes down to storytelling, says Heidi. Her approach to any design begins with envisioning what she would like to be doing in that space, what she would like to be feeling. It's a beautiful way to look at decorating. "I think I first like to look at how I would want to be in the space, who will be using it, and how, then decide how to create the best ambience for whichever tasks are happening," says Heidi. "Sometimes it really is just storytelling and imagining"¦" Have a browse through Heidi Gill's home below. (Post continues after gallery.) [gallery ids="4389,4383,4384,4385,4386,4387,4388,4390,4391,4392,4393,4394,4395,4396,4397,4398,4399,4400,4401,4402,4403,4404"] Her whimsical approach is one that is carried through into her aesthetic for The Bespokery. This company, it's fair to say, might just have reinvented the balloon. Heidi has taken the party staple and given it a distinctly modern update with enormous oversized baubles of glittery, tasselled, goodness. She's styled events for clients such as Sibella Court and The Strand Arcade, all of which carry her signature girlish flair and fun. She does weddings, corporate events, parties, installations and everything in between - all big, bold, and colourful. 013 014   Back home, her style is a little more subdued. White-washed walls and cool grey marble are set off by cherry wood flooring, dotted with plush cream carpets. The injection of colour comes from Heidi's love of quirky curios: lush velvet furniture, antique silver mirrors, burgundy wrought-iron outdoor furniture. All wound together in a perfectly sensical narrative that tells the story of a women with excellent style. 016 022 It makes sense, then, to discover that Heidi worked in fashion for many years. During this time she  picked up an innate sense of style that is autonomous from transient trends that move through the sartorial and interior design worlds alike. When it comes to the home, she has learnt to trust her instinct when it comes to decorating. "I tend to move away from what the current trends are, and adopt only new materials and atmospheres that I personally love," explains Heidi. "It's a little like fashion I guess, only wearing what really suits you - hoping that my style if it's true to me may resonate with someone else one day, if we do sell again." Each room has it's own little story to tell. Her master bathroom is a serene oasis in dove shell grey tiling and roomy rainshower; whilst their living room is dotted with bright colour and things you just want to pick up, turn over in your hands, and ask for the story behind it. And this is the true skill of a master stylist: not just filling a space, but creating it's very own story to reflect the people inside.



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