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Naman Retreat Conference Hall / Vo Trong Nghia Architects

The Property Addict / Architecture & Design

Nov 12 2015

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Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Architects Location: NgÃ?© Hà  nh SÃ?¡n, Da Nang, Vietnam Principal Architect: Vo Trong Nghia Architect: Dau Nhat Quang Bamboo Contractor: Vo Trong Nghia Architects Area: 773.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki From the architect. 16km away from Da Nang International airport beside the main linking road between Da Nang city and Hoi An old town lies a qualified coastal escape, Naman retreat resort. Naman Retreat is designed as a modern but peaceful tropical green resort complex. In an area of 3.4ha, the mission is to harmonize 80 bungalows, hotels, 6 VIP villas and another 20 villas. The concept of the resort is to provide physical and mental treatment for guests in nature's friendly environment with healthy activities such as spa, yoga, beach sports and so on. To achieve a perfect atmosphere that enables the guests a maximum body and mind purification and relaxation, the resort was designed by a harmonious mix of greenery, natural stone and bamboo. The conference hall is the first building of the resort's facility that the guests can see when approaching from the reception zone. The hall can accommodate up to 300 people at once and can serve for different occasions such as conferences, lectures, concerts, meetings etc. It is a rectangular shaped hall with an asymmetrical pitched roof. The vault bamboo structure gives the building an iconic and impressive look. The building consists of 2 parallel spaces; the closed hall and the open corridor. The exterior corridor serves as an outdoor lobby as well, welcoming the guests. The main bearing structure are the bamboo frames which overcome a span of 13,5 m in the hall and 4 m in the corridor with the roof height of 9,5m. The arch-like impression is created by the bent bamboo that are part of the main structure. Thanks to the positioning of the glass facade which is stepped backwards into the volume, 3 frames of the arch structure are in the exterior, opening the entrance as the space serves as a foyer to welcome the guests. There are 2 types of bamboo used in this building. For the straight columns the "Luong"bamboo was chosen for its strength and length that can reach up to 8m. For the arches the "Tam Vong' bamboo was used thanks to its flexibility features. The design follows the features of each type to combine them in a most efficient way. The reason of using the bamboo as a main material came from the requirements of the clients who wanted to have a simple big open space to provide flexibility for different functions with the reasonable construction costs and fast construction schedule. The bamboo can deliver all of these features. Its is a local and affordable material and the construction time was very fast due to prefabrication of the frames on the ground. This construction method was proven to be very efficient and it provides better control over the construction. archdaily logo 02-facade 03-side-facade 05-roofed-entrance 08-night-view-of-facade 11-interior  



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