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Romeciti acquires nurseries as part of its commitment to developing a green city

The Property Addict / Architecture & Design

Australia / Sydney

Feb 25 2018

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Romeciti has taken a novel approach to ensuring all its projects are steeped in nature. The Sydney sustainable real estate developer has purchased two nurseries – North Rocks Greenery and Camden Nursery – to give them the tools to deliver the mature green landscapes they promise buyers of their urban apartment projects.

The move is part of Romeciti’s Green Philosophy, which sees ‘green’ as more than just a buzz word, but a completely different way to live – one that’s healthier for residents and the planet. Over 50 per cent of its developments are dedicated to green space, including abundant leafy rooftop gardens, native plants for landscaping and investments in sustainable design and technologies.

The developer has implemented a 2018 Green Strategy to deliver a more diversified, sustainable product portfolio and retrofit its green approach to past developments.

“What we call our ‘Multi-Layer Landscape Strength’ (nature, healthy lifestyle, social, craftsmanship with technology and culture) aims to help us focus our business on the upgrading apartment market, delivering products based on the real needs of discerning apartment buyers, as well as setting the ecology standard in urban living,” explains Mark Grzic, spokesperson of Romeciti.

“This strategy has been applied to our current GREEN series and NATURA series projects, which has seen luxury design used in harmony with natural elements to restore the mind, body and soul while also embedding convenient technology into their facilities,” he adds.

Romeciti identifies their Multi-Layer Landscape Strength as:

1. Nature – Adding abundant and mature Australian plants will offer an authentic opportunity to live with nature. The acquisition of the two nurseries is part of this feature.

This added to Romeciti’s fully-functioning landscape business, landscape design studio, and construction subsidiary that helps to plan and grow each iconic landscape at project conception stage.

2. Healthy Lifestyle in Design – Workout facilities are centrally designed to encourage residents to take advantage of immersive workout environments. In addition, the purchased nurseries can also help residents to build and maintain a green apartment ecosystem.

3. Social life – Interaction makes the community more vibrant. Green City ensures all residences have privacy while delivering a mix of natural spaces and welcoming community areas. Romeciti projects are designed with social functioning in mind, creating an easy-tomingle community atmosphere that delight the eye and encourage play and interaction.

4. Craftsmanship with Technology – Let the community be green-smart. Romeciti will deepen cooperation with technology-focused corporations such as Tesla and Samsung to provide a switched on Green City. It also aims to integrate the highest quality eco-materials
and green technologies into its designs.

5. Culture – Creating real harmony with local culture. Each Romeciti project will be designed to embrace the local community, to identify what makes each area unique and celebrate it in harmony. Events such as photo exhibitions and local community engagement activities, ensure each Romeciti project is a welcome addition to the area.

Romeciti’s 2018 Green Strategy also incorporates 3 points of difference within every development design:

  • Green City – A green city starts with one building at a time. Romeciti is leading the way, with over 50 per cent of its developments dedicated to green space to ensure exceptional living experiences.
  • Green Guard – Romeciti’s commitment to green living doesn’t stop when it hands over the keys. Green Guard is a unique approach to the sustainable management of its community spaces as well spaces as liftime problem0solving guarantee to each Romecity resident.
  •  Green Life – Our homes and how we live in them says a lot about who we are and the values we hold true. Romeciti conducts regular information sessions, activities and lifestyle events for its residents, reflecting its firm belief that community is an essential part of family.

“Romeciti will carry out its 2018 green strategy with a range of solid activities and initiatives,” says Mark Grzic.

“Our Multi-layer Landscape Strength is becoming a signature feature of our products and ensures we stand out in a fiercely competitive real-estate market,” he adds.

For further information, please contact Michelle Pan or Trish Nicol at The Trish Nicol Agency on 02 9356 2711 or



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