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The future is now: modern decorating with luxury "ËœE-tailer' James Said.

The Property Addict / Architecture & Design

Sep 21 2016

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EDITORIAL: Maggie Kelly   In the bowerbird world of interior design, it's almost impossible to claim "Ë?I started that trend'. But Perth-based interior decorator Bethany James might just be the exception to the rule. With velvet drapes, chaise lounges, and oozing jewel tones the look du jour in modern luxury decorating, it is fair to say that the glamourous fashions of 18th century interiors are experiencing a major moment in the spotlight. And you have Bethany to thank. Many years ago now, Bethany was kickstarting her career as a decorator when she noticed a gap in the Australian market. Amid the white-washed and minimal aesthetic that Australia so loves, there was something missing - glamour. And so she went looking for furniture brands that would suit her tastes. [caption id="attachment_4030" align="alignnone" width="683"]jamessaid-43-1031_lr (Image via: James Said)[/caption]   Alas, Australia didn't have what she was looking for, so Bethany cast the net a little wider and struck gold with iconic American brand Regency. With their old-Hollywood-glamour style with distinctly modern design, Bethany knew she was onto a winner. Partnerships were formed, and she took on the role as the exclusive Australian wholesale supplier of Regency furniture. Three months ago, this partnership turned outwards to a (ready and waiting!) public audience when Bethany launched her latest business venture, James Said. A luxury online "Ë?e-tailer', James Said is redefining the interior decorating experience. Gone are the days of flipping through catalogues or endless showroom visits - what Bethany is offering through James Said is streamlined, modern, and all about the experience. [caption id="attachment_4031" align="alignnone" width="683"](Image via: James Said) (Image via: James Said)[/caption]   A fully equipped online store, the gorgeous James Said website takes you by the hand and leads you through the home, category by category, room by room, look by look. As your peruse the various styles, a live "Ë?concierge' service is available for immediate help, manned - no less - by tertiary educated interior designers at James Said HQ. For those lucky enough to be based in Perth, you can pop into her showroom in Nedlands for a glass of champagne and a look around at the physical items, most of which she has on site for a touchy-feely inspection. The James Said store launched three months ago in a celebration that saw Perth's "Ë?glitterati' out in full force - a beautiful party, for a beautiful store, that is selling truly beautiful things. [caption id="attachment_4032" align="alignnone" width="684"]James Said founder, Bethany James. James Said founder, Bethany James.[/caption]   The constant quest for finding beautiful things is a central part of Bethany James' character: prior to entering the world of interior decorating, Bethany was the founder and director of her eponymous makeup and beauty range. Bethany Cosmetics was stocked everywhere from Myer to David Jones to Selfridges; and after years of dealing with over 116 stockists, Bethany had the distributing game down pat. It was a skill that gave her the foundation of her hugely successful wholesale business, Regency Distribution, and her new customer-facing arm, James Said. So why does Bethany believe that the uber-luxe stylings of Regency-style furniture is gathering such a loyal following here in Australia, home of bright and airy modern minimalism? "I think it's just evolved, I think people are looking for a change," says Bethany. "I certainly know that when I go around and I'm looking at my competitors, there's so much of the same - it's all repeated. The public are craving something thats the different: and the way that we deliver the product is very usable. You can have that clean aesthetic still, but introduce a few keys pieces to have that glamour." [caption id="attachment_4034" align="alignnone" width="683"](Image via: James Said) (Image via: James Said)[/caption]   Bethany is quick to differentiate "Ë?glamour' from the gold, over-the-top, Liberace style interiors people can incorrectly associate with Regency-style furniture. For James Said, it is a far more considered look; a "Ë?layering' as Bethany describes it, of carefully curated furniture, accessories, and personal items that will balance a room whilst still maintaining a sense of originality. It is this commitment to originality that saw James Said pair up with renowned Sydney interior decorator-cum-furniture designer, Greg Natale. It's a friendship that reaches back many years to when Bethany assisted in the production and distribution of Natale's furniture. The east coast to west coast connection has seen James Said attract a legion of fans around Australia. So, what does the queen of interior luxe see on the horizon for future trends? [caption id="attachment_4037" align="alignnone" width="678"](Image via: James Said) (Image via: James Said)[/caption]   "To me it's all about modern glamour. It's about having clean lines, and then infusing some really WOW pieces. What we're seeing coming through is lots of neutrals, and then a massive feature light." Feature lights are also Bethany's biggest tip when it comes to nailing a luxury feel in the home. "It's the feeling of a room," says Bethany. "It's not about cost - it's about how it feels. And that's going to be different for everybody. If I am wanting to inject glamour into a room, I find the easiest way to do that with lighting. You can add in one amazing pendant and the entire room is completely transformed." So if you are looking to inject some glamour into your home, sit back and relax as your browse the divine James Said range online. With the ability to upload imagery of your home to virtually test out pieces, and the advice of a fully-trained decorator just a click away, the guesswork is taken out of your next design project. Now, if only that champagne could be served online, too"¦.

Be inspired by the full James Said range, and browse their website, here:



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