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Casa Lara in Sà £o Paulo by Felipe Hess

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Nov 19 2015

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From the architecture studio of Felipe Hess comes this simple and practical house in Sà £o Paulo that generously opens out onto its surroundings. Designed in collaboration with associate Federico Concilio, the house was commissioned by a young businessman who needed enough space to entertain his friends and family which led to the house being placed in the middle of the plot. Two gardens were then created on either side, the one at the front functioning as an open-air lobby featuring tropical plants that partially screen the house from the street, while the garden at the rear includes a swimming pool and a sauna. Meanwhile, the interior of the house was given a simple concrete floor and was furnished with contemporary, understated furniture. yatzer_logo f6_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f7_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f9_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f10_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f11_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f12_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f13_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer f14_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer p3_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer p4_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer p5_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s15_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s16_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s17_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s18_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s19_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s20_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s21_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s22_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer s23_casa_lara_by_felipe_hess_yatzer



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