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Jennifer Aniston, Frank Sinatra, and Ellen DeGeneres have called this midcentury-to-modern enclave home

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Mar 08 2017

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Trousdale Estates. Very few, if any, other places on the planet can claim such a concentration of talent, power, wealth, and, thanks to its rash of drop-dead gorgeous architecture from the mid- to late 20th century, good taste. It's Old Hollywood glamour at its finest and freshest. Historically snubbed by more grandiose and established corners of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, the leafy realm"�originally a sprawling estate owned by members of the Doheny oil dynasty"�has more recently earned stable recognition for being an architectural treasure. jennifer-aniston-3 jennifer-aniston-4 Case in point: Trousdale Estates (Regan Arts, $75), a new coffee-table tome by producer and historian Steven M. Price, who chronicles in its pages the area's famous residents, historical milestones, and society gossip. Not to mention its cache of images revealing the 410-acre neighborhood's homes designed by luminaries such as Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright), Wallace Neff, Buff & Hensman, and Cliff May, among many others. jennifer-aniston-5 jennifer-aniston-2 As architect Brad Dunning writes in the book's foreword, "But most of all it's (cocktail) time to revel in a strange and extraordinary past, place, and era." David Foxley, Architectural Digest



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