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Louise Roe's clean Hollywood Hills home

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Jul 24 2017

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Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that Louise Roe, who has made a career as a stylist, television host, and writer, would base her decision to leave her "fab" townhouse just off of Melrose Place in Los Angeles in the name of fashion. "I'm going to blame my closet, really," laughs Roe, who now lives in a three-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, director Mackenzie Hunkin. "We didn't have space for all my shoes and bags. Fashion is my job, so it's purely for professional reasons!"   Photo by Monica Wang/Architectural Digest But finding a new house wasn't as simple as looking for listings with walk-in closets and calling it a day. For one thing, Roe or Hunkin aren't fans of the modern homes that make up a considerable portion of the city's real estate. "We wanted something with character," she says, citing her English upbringing. After a year of searching"â?all while planning a wedding across the pond"â?they finally found the right house the day they returned from their honeymoon in Italy. "I just knew immediately, even just from the photos online and before we'd seen it, that it was the one," says Roe. Built in 1935, the three-bedroom Hollywood Hills house had the sense of history and tradition the couple craved. As a bonus, it offered a gorgeous outdoor area that would be perfect for entertaining and a perfect backdrop for shoots for Roe's blog, Front Roe, as well as her popular Instagram feed. "It's got a very mature garden, which in Los Angeles you don't often find," she says. "The houses we were looking at, they threw a few cactus into the front and called that a garden, but this one's got great flowers and fruit trees and a lovely little pathway up to the front."   Photo by Monica Wang/Architectural Digest The newlyweds quickly set out to put their own spin on the home, bringing in cherished pieces from their former residence plus a few family heirlooms and new additions. Roe, who opted out of hiring a decorator, kept the palette light, adding contrast with leather and dark wood accents. "Funnily enough, in my day-to-day in the fashion industry, I'm always wearing bright colors, something sparkly or print," says Roe. "I actually want the home to feel the opposite and be a bit of a refuge of tranquility from all that loud pattern. So I actually didn't want that bright color in the house."   Photo by Monica Wang/Architectural Digest The kitchen was updated with new cabinets and flooring, and the dining room was transformed into a bright and inspiration-filled office for Roe. "The house had really good bones, so we didn't need to do a lot," she explains. "The biggest project of all was completely dumping and redesigning the master bathroom." Roe designed the light-filled bathroom herself, choosing a mix of traditional and modern elements, from the casement-style shower to the Bauhaus-inspired fixtures. "It's somewhere you spend a lot of time, especially as a woman, getting ready every day," she says. "I just wanted a really beautiful, serene space that put me in a good mood."   Photo by Monica Wang/Architectural Digest Louise Roe, a stylist, writer, and television host, also took on the role of interior designer when she purchased this three-bedroom Hollywood Hills home with her husband, director Mackenzie Hunkin. With the renovations complete, Roe and Hunkin have settled into their new home and into married life. "Now that it's getting warmer, we're actually using the pool and having friends over," she says. "I don't know if I'm getting old or if we've just found the perfect house, but we don't really want to leave."   By Elizabeth Stamp Article originally published in Architectural Digest Photos by Monica Wang/Architectural Digest Save



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