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Maison Le Cap in Southern France by Pascal Grasso Architectures

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Nov 19 2015

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Existing stone walls on the site were extended so that they could be incorporated in the new design, and special care was taken to shelter the interior from the intense summer light and heat. The building's poured-concrete volumes were created using formwork of sanded wood, resulting in a particularly fine texture that alludes to the beach's sand a few meters away. With its subtle play of geometry and light, the residence makes for an ideal space for visual explorations "� it therefore comes as no surprise that the house is the subject of a 112-page photography book: the hardcover "Maison Le Cap - Pascal Grasso Architectures" features photography by Cyrille Weiner and was published in 2015 by RVB Books. yatzer_logo MaisonLeCap10 MaisonLeCap9 MaisonLeCap8 MaisonLeCap7 MaisonLeCap6 MaisonLeCap5 MaisonLeCap4 MaisonLeCap3 MaisonLeCap2 MaisonLeCap1



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