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Matt and Cassie: Healthy living by the bay

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Mar 28 2017

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For retail entrepreneur Matt Cameron and his wife Cassie Cameron life is all about achieving a healthy balance of work, working out, and downtime. The couple lives in Sydney's Rushcutters Bay, in a minimalist apartment with a distinct LA feel and aesthetic. "We love it here," Matt says. "The fact we can walk through the park, grab coffee around the corner, and have a beautiful local dinner and walk home without having to take the car." "Our apartment is very modern and minimalist. We filled the outdoor space with plants but otherwise kept it very simple so it's somewhere we can relax and unwind." 398A2723 Matt is the founder and owner of Fit Nutrition Fix, a start-up retail chain of technology-centered supplement stores. Cassie is a top model represented by FORD in New York, while looking after marketing and administration for the business. Matt says it's a dynamic that works well for their relationship and the business. "We make a great team...I'm the one on the phone, out there sealing deals and coming up with the big ideas to move the business forward. Cassie makes sure everything runs smoothly and that the detail is all there. Our skills and strengths are so different and that's why it's a winning combo!" Launched only a year ago, Fit Nutrition Fix is a hybrid between more traditional sports supplements world and the health world, with a strong focus on organic, holistic lifestyle products. "We have well and truly shaken up the industry," Matt says. "We're all about the tailored approach finding people what they truly need as opposed to the "Ë?one size fits all' method." 398A2731 The former marketing director says building a business from scratch has been his greatest challenge, but already incredibly rewarding. "There have been highs and lows," he admits. "Last year we won a gold award for our unique in-store technology platform, the Fit Finder. Although the recognition is great, I feel that the most rewarding part of the job has been helping thousands of people achieve their goals and hearing their stories. "We're changing lives every day and there's no greater feeling than that," Matt says.


The couple lives and works at a fast pace so home is a sanctuary Cassie explains. "Because of our hectic schedules, after work we feel like coming home to a relaxing environment," she says. "For us, that means minimising clutter, having a lot of open space, and a living environment that has an indoor-outdoor flow. "Our favorite space is our balcony. At night we set up lots of lights candles outside, select a cool playlist and have relaxed long dinners and drinks with friends, especially in summer." 398A2795 398A2752 Minimalist does not mean soul-less or impersonal for the pair. Unique and quirky touches resound throughout the apartment, representing Matt and Cassie's individual taste and personal histories. "Most of the things in our apartment have some sort of a story," Cassie explains. "Some of the furniture Matt has owned for years, and some of the chairs are even vintage pieces that he reworked entirely as a project." The golden sword in the living room belonged to Matt's father who was Commander of the Royal Australian Navy. A tambourine on display belonged to Prince's band (stolen from backstage by a friend), and the cacti in the apartment symbolises the couple's travels to Palm Springs.


For Cassie, born in South Africa, raised in New Zealand and extremely well travelled from her modeling career, Sydney is now home. "Out of all the places I've lived in the world, I honestly think Sydney is the most "livable" long term," she says. "It has so much on offer, a beautiful lifestyle, great food, beaches, creativity and opportunity " the works. "I love Sydney because I feel it's a hybrid between LA and New York, but with less people. It's always a breath of fresh air when I step off the plane on Sydney soil!" 398A2689 WORDS: Julia Hughes PHOTOGRAPHY: Tracy Stevenson



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