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Step Inside Designer Mark Zeff's Modern Barn Home in the Hamptons

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Nov 19 2015

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A new book that explores what it's like to live in a modern barn filled with antiques from around the world "The house was painstakingly sited to frame long, lingering vistas while blocking views of neighbors"�thereby ensuring privacy for the glass-walled interiors and the outdoor living spaces," writes Zeff. InsideDesigner1 "Trees were removed with surgical precision to establish sight lines through adjacent fields, visually expanding the property," writes Zeff. InsideDesigner2 Nature is my most constant source of inspiration," writes Zeff. "The crisscross motif of a Moroccan rug recalls pathways scored through a field of grass. The painterly quality of the poured-concrete floors recalls molting bark or an aerial landscape view. These tactile elements are a medium to convey the intangible, atmospheric power of the living world." InsideDesigner3 "The painted-steel staircase balustrade takes cues from a fish boat's net," writes Zeff. Shown: The airy foyer shows off the sleek concrete floors, accented by another bright rug. InsideDesigner4 "In many rooms, weather-worn walls of black-painted pine form a backdrop for an array of earthly ephemera," writes Zeff. A whale vertebrae and a bowl of shells pop against the stark black backdrop. InsideDesigner5 "Glass vitrines, open shelving, and expansive tabletops serve as display pedestals for artifacts and curios"�from seashells and driftwood to vintage dishware and specimen prints," writes Zeff. "Furnishings, too, are global in origin and exotic in flavor: ebony chairs purchased in Sri Lanka, rugs from India and Morocco, and midcentury pieces of European provenance." InsideDesigner6 "Threaded throughout the interior are zoning-out zones and quiet nooks; even when the house is full, one can still find a hushed haven," writes Zeff. InsideDesigner7 "The master bathroom was the one space that [my wife] Kristen wanted to be a bit over-the-top, with grander proportions"�thus the huge soaking tub, the outside double-vanity, and the glass box shower," Zeff writes. "When the trees are bare, we enjoy views of the Peconic Bay." InsideDesigner8 The cover of Blackbarn (ORO Editions) by Mark Zeff. Written by Miranda Agee ADlogo



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