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Sydney icon 'The Horizon' home for investment expert Nathan Ide

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Mar 01 2017

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In a city of world-famous buildings, it takes a lot to consider a Sydney property "Ë?iconic'. But alongside the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Center Point Tower, there are several residential properties that have captured Sydneysiders hearts for generations. Darlinghurst's "Ë?Horizon' apartment building is one of them, and for investment expert Nathan Ide, this is home. 398A2565 The Horizon building was designed by renowned architect Harry Seidler and built between 1990 and 1998 by Grocon. Featuring strange angular balconies that give the building the impression of being "Ë?twisted', it is a local favourite and one of Sydney's most desired addresses. Nathan Ide knew from the start that this was where he wanted to live. "We targeted this building because we loved it so much." says Nathan. "It's iconic - all you need to say to a taxi driver is "Ë?the Horizon building'. I love the views, the location, the design"¦.it's classic and unique." 398A2463 398A2469

Nathan Ide is the founder and managing director of Private Capital Management " a wealth management and mortgage broking company based in Sydney CBD.

After almost twelve years in banking, Nathan branched out with a simple goal in mind: to "Ë?democratise investing'. Working with all ages and a range of income levels, Nathan works one-on-one with clients to grow their money. Property, says Nathan, is one of the best investments you can look at. It's solid, stable, and - especially in Sydney - only on the up and up. Nathan walks the walk, currently owning several properties around the inner-eastern suburbs, including two apartments in the Horizon building. "Our first apartment was on level three, where we lived for six years," says Nathan, "and around 13 months ago we moved up to level 34." Nathan laughs about their "Ë?big, big step up' when he and his partner flew 31 levels in the air to an apartment that has sweeping views across Sydney. To walk into his apartment is to look out from Cronulla across to the city, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and right up to the headlands. Every window offers a different view of the harbour city. Inside the apartment and its recent makeover denies the building's age: it feels young, fresh, modern, and original. After their move into level 34, Nathan employed the services of super-stylist Mia Feasey to transform their apartment into a chic yet homely place to live. "We didn't rip out the bathrooms or kitchens," says Nathan, "but with everything else we started from scratch. New carpets, light fittings, wallpapers, tiles, marbles...we did a lot. But we didn't want - or need -  to knock down walls or anything as it is designed so well." Nathan describes the apartment as "Ë?modern, with lots of marble and textured wallpapers - very luxe'. It's a departure from his 3rd level apartment, which Nathan says was "Ë?almost utilitarian' - this time, the couple have gone for a more high end look, opting for muted palettes and sharper finishings. For business owner Nathan, the Horizon was made all the more attractive by the slew of maintenance services that keep the iconic building looking perfect. "I've always been an apartment guy," says Nathan. "I like it because we have a concierge here, plus the gardens, the swimming pool, the tennis court - it's all looked after. Which is great, because I don't have the time!" The Horizon building is home for many of Sydney's social elite and famous faces, and is renowned for it's close-knit community. Forget about anonymous neighbours or awkward lift rides: this building is all about the community spirit. "The community aspect is amazing at the Horizon, it's a really strong community." says Nathan. "Every quarter there's a big resident's event in the gardens. There's probably about 100 of us, and we catch up. We've had a couple of charity events - raised $100,000 for charity. It's amazing." 398A2495 398A2532 Nathan is a man with a strong sense of wanting to help others. After over a decade in traditional finance, he felt that his skills in strategy and communication could be used to help others grow their wealth. From millennials to those entering retirement, Nathan is resolute that everyone has the opportunity to invest. "Everyone should have the ability to set up for a better retirement, or make their families just that little bit more comfortable, and that's really important to me." Nathan notes that for millennials moving into high-earning capacities are hesitant to dabble in investment - particularly property - because they're lacking the information on how. He considers these cases as some of the most exciting: showing Gen Y and Gen X exactly what their financial capacity truly is. But when it comes to the most rewarding, Nathan says that it is easing older generations into comfortable retirements without needing the rely on the pension that give him the most satisfaction. Property investment is Nathan's specialty, both inside and outside of work. For twelve years he has invested in Sydney's residential market, currently in ownership of properties in Woolloomooloo and Rushcutters Bay, a two-bedroom apartment in Griffiths Teas Building in Surry Hills, the heritage terrace within the Hensley in Potts Point and, of course, the "Ë?Horizon'. Why Sydney? "It's a global city," says Nathan, "and when you compare property prices here compared to other global cities, it's been pretty quick to grow." When looking for new properties to add to their booming portfolio, Nathan likes to look outside the box to apartments or homes that have a strong sense of history or narrative. "Our philosophy when buying property is to go for something unique and special," says Nathan. "The Horizon and Griffiths, they are iconic buildings. We don't go for the traditional square box - it has to have something special." And special it is. With no plans to move any time soon, Nathan and his partner are lucky enough to wake up in one Sydney's most famous residential apartment buildings, and look out over one of the world's most famous views. 398A2521 EDITORIAL: Maggie Kelly PHOTOGRAPHY: Tracy Stevenson



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