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The Cheerful House of Architect Chad Oppenheim in Miami Beach, Florida

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Oct 15 2015

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Article by Yatzer Images by Laziz Hamani The private homes where architects and designers actually live is something that every design fan has an inexhaustible curiosity for à ¢â??¬â?¢ which probably explains the entire exhibition during Milan Design Week last April dedicated to just that! This particular residence in Miami Beach, Florida, has been designed by architect Chad Oppenheim as his own family home, by taking an existing nondescript house and adding extra rooms and spaces to it. Dubbed 'Villa Allegra', the approximately 800-square-meter house has been conceived as a procession of spaces that gradually change from exterior to interior, blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors. Inside, the living room is almost monumental in proportions, and is surrounded by the more intimate areas of the kitchen and breakfast room, the lobby and the family room. Playful decoration elements (like the Teddy Bear chair by Fernando and Humberto Campana) and other 'theatrical' features give the Villa Allegra its unique sense of event and cheerfulness, reminiscent of the open and inviting ambience found in so many Mediterranean homes. yatzer_logo big_villa-allegra-20 233-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 233a-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 113-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 33a-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 21-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 14-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 13-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 11-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 10-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 5-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 4-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 3-villa-allegra-by-chad-oppenheim-photo-laziz-hamani-yatzer_0 2-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 1a-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer 1af-Villa-Allegra-by-Chad-Oppenheim-photo-Laziz-Hamani-yatzer imagereader imagereader (4) imagereader (3) imagereader (2)



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