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The Silver House in Zakynthos, Greece, by Olivier Dwek Architectures

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Jan 28 2016

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Designed by Brussels-based architect Olivier Dwek and completed in 2015, the Silver House is a spectacular private holiday residence located on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Set upon a forested hillside, the structure responds to its breathtaking surroundings, offering uninterrupted views over the neighbouring island of Kefalonia. Inspired by the late French artist Yves Klein and his monochrome paintings, Olivier Dwek placed a focus on infinite blue being the most important contextual element defining the house's orientation, volume and spaces. The residence is divided between two levels with the lower floor comprising an entrance hall, living area with dining room and kitchen, swimming pool, terraces, patio and a bedroom, while the second floor houses the master bedroom. Creating a strong relationship between the site and its context, all the living areas are oriented towards Kefalonia's seashore; meanwhile the ground floor living and dining rooms can be connected to the outdoor areas via large sliding doors, creating a smooth transition between the interior and the exterior. The house's two exposed terraces are protected from the offshore winds by high walls, thereby allowing the occupants to use them throughout the day. Dwek's clean lines and rectilinear forms create dynamic, geometry-geared perspectives framing the views, whilst the use of a bright white for the interior "â?for everything from walls to cabinets and linen"â? allows the gaze to wander across the soothing, ever-changing blue of the Ionian Sea. yatzer_logo p1_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer_0 f7_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer f6_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer f5_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer f4_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer f3_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer f2_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer f1_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s10_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s8_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s7_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s6_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s5_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s3_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s2_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer s1_silver_house_olivier_dwek_architectures_photo_serge_anton_yatzer  



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