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Two dreamers, a baby, and their home by the Sacrà © Coeur.

The Property Addict / Distinct Dwellings

Oct 27 2016

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Whether you like it or not, a person's home will always mirror their personality. Stark and pristine apartments are generally the domain of the fiercely organised; whilst sprawls of books and half-drunk cups of tea most often house an artist or creative. The home of Stanislas Morin and Julia Chaigneau in Paris is the home of two dreamers. Just a few years ago, you might not have described either as a "Ë?dreamer', really - Stanislas is a former banker who left to become a writer-cum-boutique-barber, whilst wife Julia was a journalist who decided to become a florist. Together, they decided to leave it all behind and opt for an artisan Parisian life, dedicated to all that is beautiful. So very French, isn't it? 00021 The home of Stanislas and Julia, therefore, quite literally breathes their combined creativity. The single story apartment, located just a stone's throw from the Sacrà © Coeur, is littered with an array of exotic plants, books, and the curios and objet d'art that the interesting people always tend to collect. The couple have lived here with baby Hannah, for just over a year now. Previously, the globetrotting duo spent time abroad in their "Ë?other' careers. "Julia and I are from Paris and have lived here for most of our lives," says Stanislas. "However, I lived in London for 8 years and came back to Paris quite recently. Julia spent a year in Lebanon before moving here." 019 With windows that open out into a central garden, their apartment is full of oozy midday sun, perfect for baby Hannah. Inside, the house is alive with potted plants that glow beside to the enormous marshmallow of a couch, resplendent in an emerald green velvet. It's kooky, it's cool, and yet oh-so-effortless. The beautiful old building, on Rue de Rochechouart, has a remarkable story that tickles the fancy of novelist Stanislas. "This building has a very special story," he begins. "It was the first "cità © ouvrià ¨re" in Paris, which we can translate by "workers city". It was built in the 1850's at the request of Napoleon, and it is the only one of its kind. That is the reason why this building is called "Cità © Napolà ©on"." 020 The rich cultural history of the building is offset inside their apartment, thanks to Stanislas' love of vintage design. "I am more minimalist, and had a preference for contemporary objects and neutral colors," says Julia, "whereas Stanislas is very much into furnitures and objects that have character." But Stanislas managed to convert Julia's modern tastes after an excursion to the famous Drouot Auction Houses. 016 "He brought me to "Drouot" which is an old famous auction house in Paris, and I happened to love it!" she remembers. "It changed my vision of an interior, it becomes a set of unique objects with different stories and styles that are put together only because of you, your story, your travels, your "crushes"." Around the home are mementos of their lives, both before and after they were together. One constant is a mammoth toy of Stanislas' that has (eventually) won Julia's favour. "We have this kind of toy representing a mammoth that lights during the night," laughs Julia. "It is Stanislas', I think a present from a friend a long time ago. Since we moved together I wanted to get rid of it, but somehow it always end up in the living room. Now it is part of the house and I kind of like this unexpected detail." 007 If Stanislas brings the mammoth, then Julia certainly brings the flowers. Her talent as a boutique florist shines through with her quirky clusters of greenery that breathe freshness and life into the grandiose architecture. "I love having bouquet of fresh and delicate flowers that change with your mood," says Julia. "But I am very much into pots of interior "tropical" plants that you spread all over the house to create mini jungles here and there. And I personally, love taking care of my plants day after day, seeing them growing"¦ saving them sometimes, too!" 015 It is difficult to imagine these creative powerhouses working in traditional careers, but for a long time, that's exactly what they did. Stanislas lived and worked in London for eight years in banking, and Julia was in Lebanon for a year working as a journalist before being forced to leave on account of the increasingly political unrest. But from their sensible backgrounds two unique creative companies were born. Stanislas is the owner and director of a chain of upmarket barber shops in Paris, Les Maitres Barbiers Perruquiers; whilst Julia owns and manages flower concept company Amytis. What inspired their sea change? 009 "I have always loved flowers, and I had a sort of "revelation" during a summery Londonian week-end where I enjoyed how flowery the town is," says Julia. "Coming back in Paris, and looking at the buildings around me, I was shocked by all those empty balconies, and dreamed of a city covered with hanged garden. I decided to try to make it happen!" For Stanislas, Les Maitres Barbiers Perruquiers was a bricks-and-mortar project to compliment his other career as a writer. "Writing is a lonely and abstract task," he says, "and I wanted to engage in something more concrete"¦starting up a business is also very fulfilling but in another way. It's teamwork, with visible progress, real constraints and achievements." When they are not working, Stanislas and Julia love to entertain, opening their home up to family and friends for a meal. "We both love cooking, eating and having friends over for lunches and dinner," says Julia. "For this reason we also give a huge importance on the kitchen/ dinning room area; and what we love the most about this apartment is this huge open space where you can cook but still be with your friends, and easily go from the dining room to the living room." 001 It is heart-warming to note that the couple's old-worldly aesthetic extends to certain modern amenities, too: we can't help but notice the old-fashioned Italian coffee machine, and their kooky car on the street downstairs. Their lives, from beginning to end, are the epitome of french chic. Stanislas and Julia: theirs is the story of two romantics in Paris, with a house that tells their story just as well as them. The barber and the florist, dedicating their talents to making the world a more beautiful place. 010



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