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"Where The Sidewalk Ends" By Juli Balla

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Nov 19 2015

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An exhibition of photographic works by Juli Balla, "Ë?Where the Sidewalk Ends' is a series of 22 images exploring street photography from the turbulent 50s, 60s and 70s. The series will be exhibited by Becker Minty Art from 25 November, as part of a summer residency at Yellow House Gallery, 57-59 Macleay St Potts Point. Shot in Sydney, these stories reflect international themes of those eras, touching on Cold War paranoia, burgeoning youth culture, social revolution, domestic tension, and the ubiquitous currency of sex. The emotionally charged characters are caught unaware in candid moments. The works recall the unstaged immediacy of photographers Gary Winogrand and Robert Frank, with perhaps a nod to the classic heightened reality style of the iconic Life magazine photographers. The mid century architecture of carefully framed Sydney locations positions us in big city life - these are very urban melodramas, with a strong sense of New York. Balla was also influenced by film stills of the same eras, and worked with a colour palette reminiscent of feature films shot in Technicolor, the saturated colours strangely faded in an effect that lends authenticity. Balla says,"it intrigues me why people are so fascinated by documentary photography from another period of time. The images immediately take on a sense of mystery. The aim of each photograph is to leave you with more questions asked than answered. As in a film still, the images evoke a feeling of suspended animation, while one tries to decipher what has just happened or is about to happen." Balla worked with stylist Janai Anselmi, who meticulously assembled an authentic vintage wardrobe for each era, providing a strong and coherent visual element throughout. Each work is 133 x 88.5cm, available in an edition of 5 and printed on archival rag art paper. View the current Juli Balla catalogue on our website or the BECKER MINTY Fine Art 1stdibs Gallery. Exhibition works will be added online after opening night. 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' will be opened by Roger Leong, Senior Curator MAAS, at an event from 6.30pm, Wednesday 25 November, with the exhibition then running until Sunday 6 December. For addition information please contact the store on 8356 9999 or Sebastian Goldspink becker&minty WhereThe WhereThe3Â Â WhereThe1  



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