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Bang & Olufsen Celebrate 90 Years with Innovative Loudspeaker

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Oct 23 2015

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By Zahra Al-Kateb Danish sound brand Bang & Olufsen are celebrating their first 90 years with their most innovative and technologically advanced loudspeakers to date. Boasting a multitude of technologies, the BeoLab 90 is the perfect synergy of stunning design and world class acoustics. Featuring Bang & Olufsen's new Active Room Compensation technology, the BeoLab 90 makes up for the impact of your room, furniture, the placement of loudspeakers and your listening position, allowing you to hear where each individual band member or actor is in your favorite movie is placed. beolab-90-bang-olufsen-the-intelligent-loudspeaker-2The BeoLab 90 enables you to change the width of sound to suit different listening locations simply by the press of a button, be it a dedicated spot or a party all-over the room. So whether you're hosting a house party or inviting family, there is sure to be a sound setting for you. "BeoLab 90 is the future of sound. This intelligent loudspeaker measures the acoustical effects of its surroundings and directs superb sound to your favourite listening position" said ," said CEO Tue Mantoni. "You do not have to be close to the speaker or even in front of it to get an excellent sound experience. beolab-90-bang-olufsen-let-the-speaker-define-the-sound"It is our most complete loudspeaker to date. It is a committed investment in excellent craftsmanship, ideal materials and superior technology" he added. "Future Bang & Olufsen products will benefit from the innovation PRESS RELEASE 3/3 and know-how gained from the development of BeoLab 90 " and our customers will savour in perfect sound from the ultimate loudspeaker for their home." Its unique and impressive appearance showcases the very best of Danish design which Scandinavians are so well known for. Based on a complex aluminium cabinet, the impressive 360-design totals more than 65kg of aluminium in weight and features hover like sails covered in black fabric. The curved wooden base lifts up the large structure from the floor. The BeoLab 90 can be experienced in Bang & Olufsen stores from November 17 2015, the 90th anniversary of Bang & Olufsen, and is priced at $38,995. elitetraveler Bang2 bang1



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