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Becker & Minty Welcomes StillLife by Chelsea Hing

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Aug 27 2015

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With her new StillLife collection, Melbourne interior designer Chelsea Hing taps into the modern desire to live in 'magazine ready' styled and stylish interiors. We all arrange our homes so that our eye falls on a series of pleasing vignettes, instagram worthy and expressive of our individuality. Admit it, who hasn't spent a pleasant evening arranging a hall table or mantelpiece 'just so'. luxliv2 While sourcing quality design pieces for her clients, Chelsea Hing saw the opportunity to create her own range of beautiful and functional objects in collaboration with young local artists. In her design work and in this collection, Hing recoils from the obvious and the easy design options, preferring to champion the real beauty of hand crafted pieces, saying, "I believe we should all have beautiful things in our homes that truly reflect who we are. I created StillLife as a heart felt alternative to the mass produced, to return to the more meaningful quality of unique, handmade, artisanal pieces." luxliv3 The first StillLife collection is a collaboration with Melbourne ceramicist Andrei Davidoff, who has created exclusive pieces which work in groups or as singular sculptural forms. The textures and proportions of the ceramics create harmonious scenes and are a tactile delight, indicative of Davidoff's love of both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. Each StillLife piece is hand thrown in fine white porcelain clay and handpainted with individually mixed glaze, making each piece truly unique. You might like to read this great profile of Andrei Davidoff on The Design Files. It's from a few years back but is well worth a look for insights into Davidoff's creative history and process. BECKER MINTY is delighted to welcome StillLife to store. Jason Minty knew immediately that the monochrome beauty of the collection would be a perfect addition to the family (and the mantel!). becker&minty



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