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Blainey's Design Report; Customise Your Cocktail Hour

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Aug 27 2015

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In our current style climate dominated by "Ë?Mad Men' meets 1920s deco glamour, iconic pieces of design evoke a special old-world charm and frivolity. One of my favourites is the beautifully curated and designed bar trolley. A small yet significant feature in the most sophisticated of hotel bars or grand rooms, it has become the accent of a host de rigueur once again. The bar trolley's origins are said to have been at the time of prohibition where "Ë?pre-drinks' were necessarily held inside the home. The very mention of a mobile bar cart today still screams Rat Pack, James Bond and Mad Men all in one. These guys typify a great sense of old style charm and nonchalance that one can't help but find a little exhilarating. bar unit image 01 I think I am safe to say that most responsible for the bar trolley's revival and association with impeccable style, is Mayfair's Dukes Bar where Fleming reputedly coined the 007 catchphrase "shaken not stirred". Their mobile martini bars keep the spirits frozen all the way to the table. These days the mobile bar has become a considerably more crafted part of the interior. If, like me, you love to feel an old fashioned sense of theatre and luxury when you are relaxing at home with a drink, here are some ideas for your own luxury bar. Italian furniture house Promemoria's Bacco Bar Cabinet with upholstered leather fridge and mood light. Image 02 - promemoria bar unit Fashion designer, Alexander Wangs portable bar trunk, for Poltrona Frau which doubles as a side table Image 03 - Alexander Wang Bar unit David Linley's cocktail box with an exterior clad in hand dyed charcoal veneer, and an interior of bleached anigre. Image 05 - Linley Cocktail Cabinet Wlly Rizzo's famous 1970's rotating coffee table with an inbuilt bronze champagne bucket Image 04 - Willy Rizzo Bar Coffee Table And our very own Crane Cabinet, in lacquered timber and leather door trim, with handles that can be customized with your own initials. Blainey-North-Collection-Bloomsbury-Console by Blainey North Blainey-North-Logo



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