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Daniel Hakim brings Parisian glamour home to Sydney with exclusive business club.

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Apr 22 2016

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Editorial by Maggie Kelly and Photography by Tracy Stevenson It is overwhelmingly tempting to begin an article on Daniel Hakim by mentioning his age. But after speaking with him for a while, something becomes very clear. Daniel's age - whilst surprising - does not define him in the business world, rather his natural entrepreneurial vision, and zest for success acting as the drivers to his remarkable accomplishments. Plus, the guy can talk: our five minute Q+A blew out into an hour of chat covering everything from business futurism to the fish fingers at The Fish Shop. So, the facts: Daniel is 23. At an age when most of us were busy learning to cook instant noodles and cramming for university exams, Daniel is busy establishing one of the most exciting new collaborative spaces in Sydney. He's called it CUB Private Business Club - and based out of a luxurious space in Potts Point, it's best described as a bricks and mortar actualisation of "Ë?making the right connections'. 398A5608 Since his early teens, Daniel has been back and forth between Paris and his hometown of Sydney. He spent part of his high schooling in the french capital, and even begun his tertiary studies at The American University Of Paris - whereupon he had lightbulb moment number one. "I decided it wasn't for me, and I spent the year travelling instead," laughs Daniel. Like many students straight out high school, he was drawn to the freedom and discovery of travel. This independent spirit - a precursor to later success - took him around Europe and the States before he eventually ended up back in Sydney. But the family home in Woolwich was not for him, with the household always bustling with relatives and friends, providing a slightly too frenetic vibe after so long on his own. So, Daniel decided to turn his temporary two bedroom apartment in leafy Potts Point, home. 398A4569 (2)   I ask Daniel who decorated the apartment. "I did!" he exclaims, and it's an impressive feat: youthful bachelor pad, sure, but still managing to feel slick and sophisticated sans the garish interior aesthetic most young men enjoy. (Read: vintage beer posters and billiard tables.) I'm not sure I even had to ask, but what is his favourite part about the apartment? "The view," he answers, "Whenever I feel stressed out with business, I just look out"¦.and it reminds me to keep working." Indeed, the sweeping view manages to capture the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Sydney Tower, and the iconic city skyline - a veritable african savanna of lion cubs, perhaps? The term "Ë?cubs' symbolises growth into further power, and is the moniker for the business people Daniel is attracting: established businesses who are interested in creating meaningful business and interpersonal networks.12 The concept is simple: provide a special clubhouse for like-minded and highly successful business owners (ie. the "Ë?cubs') to meet. Then let in the lions. These are the more established business people - be they retired or otherwise - with both time and experience to offer the former. According to the CUB website, "The connections can be both one on one and group, and enable members to both create strong business relationships as well as find opportunities." Right. Where do we sign up? But there's more to this seemingly simple setup. Although CUB is really about the fundamentals of human relationships, Daniel has also inadvertently created a perfect feeder for investors, seed capital and venture capital. With a rigorous membership process based primarily on existing member's recommendations, members can be assured they are entering an exclusive microcosm in which business leaders and business legends can mingle and learn. In an age where investors are hungry to be involved in the next UBER, Facebook, or Air Bnb; CUB is fertile grounds for just that.  001 The CUB clubhouse is metropolitan luxe, with the ritz of Mad Men and the glamour of a mandarin or oriental style. From the floor-to-ceiling curtains to the white-gloved concierge service, the space encourages a sense of quiet luxury and reverence, a formal space for bright young things looking to forge both personal and business connections to bolster their growth in the world. There's a bar, a lounge, a fully functioning office, a terrace, and even mini golf. Back home, Daniel has kept things more down to earth. Raw wood furniture is offset with sprigs of green, and the iconic Hermes orange is splashed across couch cushions. The seriousness of a beautiful glass chess set feature is balanced with boyish motorcycle helmets and omnipresent episodes of Entourage on the wall-mounted television. In fact, if it wasn't for the presence of Daniel's beautiful girlfriend Sarah, we might even be tempted to call this the ideal bachelor pad. 398A4512 (2) Daniel met Sarah when she joined CUB with her business 'Doctus'. Although Sarah had started the capital raise already before joining, other club members - who had been through the experience already - helped her review the offers, finesse her offering, and close the best deal. A young match made in entrepreneurial heaven... Like many people his age who have adopted the inner-eastern suburb as home, Daniel credits Potts Point for its proximity to all the necessities - fine dining, supermarkets, cosmopolitan bar scene...and of course, work. Speaking of which, how did Daniel come up with this great idea? Was it a slow-burning dawning of an idea, or a lightbulb moment? It was indeed a lightbulb moment, says Daniel, and one that he can actually give me the exact time and date of, thanks to the far-reaching power of iPhone "Ë?Notes' functionality. 10.47am, on the 07.01.14. The first week of the new year, in Fiji. He was sitting alone on the beach, desperately trying to formulate a business venture that would allow him to branch out of the family business, and onto his own. 398A4556 (2) He thought about what he knew, and what he knew was connections. Raised in a highly entrepreneurial family, he understood the power of forging strong networks, and thus decided to turn that concept into a business plan. As Kevin Spacey said, "If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down." And so, at just 23, Daniel is showcasing the hive-mind mentality that is so exciting in the future of business. Innovation, backed with unwavering confidence in his concept, plus a genuine desire to help his fellow members. Curious to know the secret to this young-gun's success, I ask Daniel what mantra he lives by in his day to day. ""I'm more afraid of not trying," he answers, "than I am of failing." And they say youth is wasted on the young? Well, not in this one. 398A5663 398A5612 398A5608 398A5580 398A4565 (2) 398A4551 (2) 398A4509 (2) 398A4503 (2) 398A4431 (2) 398A4416 (2) 398A4316 (2) 398A4307 398A4302 398A4300 014 013 009 008 007 006 005 002 11



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