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Fà ©licie Chardon, ACA.

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Jan 28 2016

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Photography by Tracy Stevenson Paris-born, USA-raised Fà ©licie Chardon has carved out a formidable reputation in the world of architecture and design. Like most other students at the Ecole Nationale Supà ©rieure d'Architecture de Versailles in Paris, Fà ©licie could have only dreamt about the remarkable work she would one day design: luxury hotels, iconic Parisian landmarks, palaces, and exotic eco-resorts. And yet, her repertoire now boasts all of the above, and more. felicie24 In 2011 Fà ©licie established Atelier Chardon Architecture, acting as both Director and sole associate. Based in Paris, Fà ©licie has found herself working predominantly in the luxury market, aligning with clients such as the iconic L.V.M.H empire. As the luxury industry often dictates, Fà ©licie has found herself in far-flung destinations as her demand continues to grow. Lucky for us, Fà ©licie has now moved permanently to Australia, moving her family to the sunny shores of Bondi Beach, Sydney. We caught up with Fà ©licie to talk to her about family life at the beach, her stunning North Bondi apartment, and what's next for the talented Parisian. felicie1 felicie2 Fà ©licie , thanks so much for speaking with us, and welcome back to Australia. How have you found the move with your new baby? Bondi is an incredible culture to move into with children. It caters for all aspects of life from incredible restaurants, great cafà ©s, fantastic beach life, and beautiful people who embrace babies and motherhood at every turn. I've been welcomed into a thriving, welcoming, healthy Bondi community. This place is paradise. felicie3 felicie4 Your apartment in Ben Buckler Point, North Bondi, is absolutely stunning! How did you find it? I'm lucky enough to have a husband with an incredible artistic eye who, no matter where we are be it Paris, the South of France, or the USA, finds the most divine spaces which I then transform into something extraordinary. The one prerequisite was that I got to experience the tranquility of the Sydney beach life as I already have a fast paced urban city life in Paris. felicie5 felicie6 Laid-back Bondi is miles - literally and figuratively - from the streets of Paris. What have been the biggest lifestyle shifts for you and your family? What do you miss the most? I have had a very international upbringing and am very adaptable. With the help of my husband, we work together to create a space that is elegant and reflective of our personalities; but also reflects the country we are in and the culture of the area. I miss my family and occasionally I miss the snarkyness of the Parisians, which in small amounts I find amusing. It seems to me like everybody in Australia is just simply lovely all the time. felicie7 felicie8 felicie9 Let's chat about your work. At such a young age, you have an impressive resume of clients. What have you been doing with LVMH, and what are they like to work with? I worked for LVMH hotel development on the flagship hotel of the Cheval Blanc brand in Paris for over four years. LVMH is one of the pinnacles of the luxury hotel industry so it is a fantastic challenge to meet and exceed the bar at every point during my collaborations with them. The level of sophistication and attention to detail has expanded my vision as an architect, interior architect and decorator. felicia23 Your husband founded and operates luxury-clothing boutiques "Ë?Cosette', which has stores in both Martin Place and Double Bay. Did you work on the design of these stores? How did you find combining your work and personal life on the job? I've been collaborating with my husband for over 10 years now so we've established a good balance between home and work life. The irony was that, as quintessentially Parisians as we are, we actually met and cultivated our relationship in Australia. I designed all of the Cosette boutiques and am working on a standout project with the Cosette team in the Rocks. You have travelled the world for your job, working as lead architect on projects such as the new Madeiran "Relais & Chà ¢teau" hotel located in the historic center of Funchal, Portugal; a prestigious Palace hotel, "Le Mà ©tropole," on the French Cà ´te d'Azur; and "Le Club Mediterranee" in the city of Taba in Egypt. What has been your favourite destination? "The Metropole" hotel on the French Riviera is by far the most beautiful destination I have been to. The region itself is a cultural hotspot of a mix of traditional French architecture but also heavily influenced by Russian culture, as the Russians nobility would come to summer for several months. The Metropole hotel is one of the last icons of the French Riviera and I had the privilege to work on its renovation. The location held so much magic that I had my wedding there. felicie99 With sustainability a growing priority among developers and buyers alike, how do you look to incorporate environmentally friendly tactics into your design process? In France it's standard practice to meet certain environmental goals. In a client brief it's as expected that the architect meets a high level of environmental assessment as it is for high quality design. From apartments to hotels, public spaces to clothing stores, no two projects you have worked on have been the same. What is your one consistent thought when it comes to approaching a new space? I'm a firm believer in airy spaces with abundant natural light however I have worked with a myriad of different client briefs and enjoy the diversity and challenge of every single one. My purpose is to provide a contemporary interpretation of French architecture mixed with influences from the other places I have had the pleasure to explore internationally. This has given me "carte blanche" to create sophisticated and rich environments, as well as relaxed as chic spaces; depending on the clients brief. Basically I create spaces that people feel fantastic being in, and that goes through the creation of simple spaces embellished by a selection of timeless designer pieces. felicie91 What are you currently working on, and where can we expect to see you next? While I am currently in the process of finalizing various major projects in France I am thrilled to have established my company here and become one of Sydney's prominent architects. You can view the Atelier Chardon Architecture website at felicie21 felicie22 felicie98 felicie97 felicie95 felicie94 felicie93 felicia96 Photography by Tracy Stephenson



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