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Joyful living on Sydney's skyline.

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Sep 21 2016

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Tracy Stevenson EDITORIAL: Maggie Kelly   If there is something that people are afraid of in the world of modern furnishings, it's colour. All too often, luxury living is dressed down in muted palettes of dove grey, or eggshell white, or honeyed cream. Beautiful, certainly - but one can't help but wonder where the joy of colour had gone. It was therefore a refreshing surprise to walk into the sky-high apartment of Australian property investment expert Zaki Ameer, and his jewellery-designer partner Nour Issa. 08   Colour, in this apartment, reigns supreme: splashes of sunny yellow on the retro outdoor setting immediately grabs you, whilst a deep turquoise mosaic table mimics the ocean below. There is a veritable rainforest of tropical birds framed on one wall, whilst another corner is glowing crimson red with a plush feature chair. Glancing down through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows to Sydney Harbour splayed below like a Brett Whitely painting, it is hard to imagine this quintessential Sydney apartment decorated any other way. Like an homage to the paradise that surrounds it, Zaki and Nour have created a space that is both zesty and playful, yet crisply modern: Sydney in a nutshell, really. 18 Zaki is of Sri Lankan and Arab background; Nour, Lebanese living between Dubai and Australia. Their shared exotic cultural heritage certainly shines through in the eclectic and colourful space. Nour notes that she "Ë?got everything in Dubai', and the eye begins to wander over the curiosities that spot the living area - the patterned silk cushions, middle-eastern style candle holders, an enormous looking glass with a tusk for a handle. It is beautiful. "Zaki left it totally in my hands and trusted my eye for detail," says Nour. "I wanted "alive"! Lots of colour. I focused on two colours, blue and orange. As you look out the windows - which are in an abundance in this apartment - you can see the oranges of the roofs, and the blues of of Sydney Harbour and the sky." "I wanted the main colour to highlight that." 05 As an artist, Nour's keen designer eye has subtly trailed the turquoise colour theme around the apartment, with splashes of the oceanic hue popping up unexpectedly on the rim of a plate, or the textured rug of the study, or an ornamental jar in the kitchen. Most spectacular, however, is the enormous, low-set mosaic table in the living area - hand crafted with thousands of tiny slivers of glass in shades of blue that inspire thoughts of sky and sea. For this house-proud couple, property is a passion not just in a personal sense, but professional also. Zaki is the author of "Dream it, Design it, Do it: From Broke To $3million In Property In Two Years", and as the title suggests, has enjoyed a spectacular journey to success as a property buying connoisseur, in a short time amassing an impressive income in producing residential portfolio. 03 Investing in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Zaki begun his journey in property almost eight years ago. "It was 2008 and in those days places which are now worth over $500,000, were only $150,000. Once I started investing I was buying non stop: from 2008 to 2012, I brought 11 houses and five apartments. Bang bang bang. I was a property buying machine!" These days, Zaki is using his talent in property acquisition to help his client base under his company, Dream Design Property. He notes that due to skyrocketing prices here in Sydney, Dream Design Property stopped buying real estate locally in 2015, instead focusing on investing in Brisbane and Melbourne . 10 Considering his incredibly success in such a short period of time, what would be his advice to people looking to dive into the world of property investment? "A common mistake is to only invest in areas you know already. At Dream Design Property we have a team who researches the hottest new areas to invest in: look for those areas, rather than your comfort zone." 13 Back in his very comfortable zone at home, Zaki loves to spend time with their tiny chihuahua Jack and eating out at the local array of amazing restaurants. With their Potts Point apartment hanging high above the suburb of Woolloomooloo, Zaki and Nour often dine at local modern-asian eatery China Doll on iconic Finger Wharf. It's a lifestyle that certainly must feel far from Zaki's humble beginnings as an immigrant student here in Australia. After a succession of life-altering events many years ago, Zaki found himself living in Australia with no friends, no income, no support, and no idea about the foreign Australian culture. But he did not give in. "I did not want to go back to Sri Lanka having failed," says Zaki firmly. "I am not a quitter. I find it very hard to quit." 14 Determined to remain in Australia, he spent the next four years, working eight hours a day, Monday to Friday, followed by night studies in Business and Finance. Often, he would come home at eleven o'clock only to have to complete course assignments. It was not an easy road to where he is now. Alas, his hard work and natural talent have paid off. As we sit high among the clouds of what must be one of Sydney's most impressive views, there is a lightness and energy to the space that would be a joy to exist in day-to-day. Regardless of the spectacular scene spread beneath us, however, Nour has a twinkle in her eye when we ask if she likes Sydney. 02 "Dubai is my home." she says. "In summer, Sydney can be fun - but winter is too much for me. I live in Dubai, I am not used to winter!" Dubai or Sydney, summer or winter, we have no doubt this joyful couple bring a splash of colour wherever they go. 07

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