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Nanban - The New Fragrance By Arquiste

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Nov 05 2015

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January 1618, a Japanese galleon, the Pacific ocean. "Following a diplomatic mission to the West, a galleon carrying a delegation of samurai charges through dark ocean currents. Loaded with a rare and precious cargo, the ship's hull is redolent of sweet-smelling tropical woods, heady Spanish leather, frankincense, fine black pepper and other exotic ground spices"�the intoxicating spirit of a singular, extraordinary voyage of discovery." Carlos Huber delights in a good story, and creates his ARQUISTE fragrances to capture the essence of an historically significant moment in time. Long fascinated by Japan, we imagine his delight when he found a nearly forgotten story linking Japan to his homeland of Mexico. 'Nanban' takes us aboard the 17th century galleon carrying a Japanese trade delegation home from an epic diplomatic mission. The Japanese ambassador Hasekura Tsunenaga had spent seven long years travelling to Europe, Mexico and the Philippines. Considering the mission a failure and mistrustful of the West, Japan soon thereafter closed its borders to foreigners until the 19th century. And so the cargo of this return voyage became very significant - European leather, fine oil paintings and carved woodwork, rich spices from South East Asia and silver, cacao and coffee from Mexico. 'Nanban' originally meant foreigner, literally Southern Barbarian, but today is often used to describe Japanese artworks created with the influence of Western taste in the 16th and 17th centuries. 'Nanban' is not a traditional oriental fragrance, it is composed of ingredients alien to Japanese culture but brought to Japan by the trade delegation from Europe, Mexico and South East Asia. Rather, in an inscrutable twist, it is a foreign-style (i.e. Nanban style) fragrance representing an oriental view of the West, and vice-versa. A warm sensual fragrance, with notes of Malabar black pepper, Persian saffron, black tea accord, Chinese osmanthus, coffee absolute, Spanish leather, myrrh, frankincense, styrax, sandalwood, copaiba balsam, cade. 'Nanban' was developed with Rodrigo Flores Roux. 'Nanban' launches in Australia with an event at BECKER MINTY on Tuesday 10 November 2015. Pre orders available now. becker&minty Nanban1 Nanban2



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