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The Faces of Music: Portrait Photography by Francesco Carrozzini

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Nov 19 2015

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Who could ever imagine, let alone bring together Katy Perry, Anthony Hegarty, Kanye West, Keith Richards, David Byrne and Justin Bieber in the same room? The answer? An  absurdly well-connected New York socialite "� or in our case, photographer and music-video director Francesco Carrozzini. An established photographer who works for some of the world's leading magazines, Carrozzini is also the man behind many well-known music videos from  artists such as Lana del Rey, Beyoncà © and Sia. What he is best known for however is his well-crafted portrait photography "� a selection of which is currently on display at Earth Gallery in Paris, as part of the artist's first solo show in the city. yatzer_logo TheFaces TheFaces92 TheFaces91 TheFaces9 TheFaces8 TheFaces7 TheFaces6 TheFaces5 TheFaces4 TheFaces3 TheFaces2 TheFaces1



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