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The world of Wonderland

The Property Addict / Luxury Lifestyle

Sep 29 2016

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By Julia Hughes The past ten years have seen Sydney's Chippendale evolve from light-industrial CBD fringe suburb to one of the city's most vibrant creative districts. Thanks to the transformation of the old Carlton United Brewery site into the Central Park residential and retail development, Chippendale is now also a highly desirable place to live. wonderland_terraces-entrance-with-red-roses-medium Featuring vertical gardens growing up the side of skyscrapers, funky lanes with bars and cafes, galleries housed in heritage buildings, advanced office accommodation and cutting-edge retail, Central Park, located between Kensington Street and Broadway, has become one of Sydney's most exciting spaces. With Wonderland, the final apartment offering in Central Park, you could argue developers Frasers Property saved the best for last. wonderland_residents-lounge Inspired by the old brewery site Wonderland architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt) have transformed traditional terracotta, copper and brick into a sustainable, contemporary complex with a sculptural twist. Wonderland's 294 apartments are spread across three building cores, each with their own lobby, concierge, and gardens. Inside, each apartment, the stylish layout is designed to soak up the sunlight and views. Louvers and bi-fold screens allow sunshine, shade and privacy. While outside, a network of curving pathways interconnects open green spaces, gardens and laneways with shops and restaurants. wonderland_exterior-kensington-street-maze-vignette According to Colliers' Blake Schulze, the fact that Central Park is now a well-established space with high-end restaurants, bars and hotels, is proving a strong draw-card for resident buyers. "It's not just a conceptual vision anymore," he says, "it's a real thriving community and space that people can come and experience." "The Old Clare hotel and the top restaurants on Kensington Street mean you don't have to go far for a great meal or night out." Blake says. wonderland_balfour-park Wonderland's green credentials also set the development apart from other city dwellings. Designed to a five star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, Wonderland connects to Central Park's Thermal Plant and tri-generation power station, using low-emission gas to produce electricity and thermal power for heating and cooling. wonderland_balfour-park-close-up Each apartment in Wonderland includes high-end low energy appliances and also an environmental monitoring system, providing live energy and water usage data. "The whole of Central Park operates sustainably," Blake says, "the infrastructure is amazing and really unique in Australia. "A growing number of buyers, largely owner occupiers, are really interested in this aspect of the apartments." More information wonderland_3-bedroom-terrace wonderland_red-queens-kitchen wonderland_kitchen-vignette wonderland_flamingos-in-the-gym wonderland_chippendale-green-and-ocp-facing-bedroom-medium wonderland_chess-pieces-in-the-lobby cp_day2_01_0240-out-of-focus_lr_ret-medium wonderland_bathroom-vignette cp_day2_02_0475_lr_ret wonderland_bathroom-club-scheme-dark wonderland_alice-in-chippendale-green-medium wonderland_2-bedroom-terrace cp_day3_01_0125-out-of-focus_lr_ret-medium wonderland_2-bedroom-kitchen-club-scheme-dark cp_day3_05_0861_lr_ret



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