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Ever wonder what goes inside a $53 million private jet?

The Property Addict / Toys

Dec 06 2017

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Spoiler alert: There is an amazing view from the shower.

To step inside the Embraer Lineage 1000E is to enter a world of among the finest amenities money can buy—and the Federal Aviation Administration will allow. At $53 million, this private jet—which was unveiled earlier this year at Geneva’s annual EBACE—is for those who are accustomed to getting most anything they want. Taming the endless expectations of his clients is just one part of Jay Beever’s job as the vice president of interior design for Embraer Executive Jets. “I’ve been asked to add a fireplace to the main cabin,” Beever says. “Obviously that brought about more red tape and safety concerns than imaginable. It was a simple no can do.” Architectural Digest spoke with the designer about his process in outfitting the most luxurious private jets on the runway, as well as the future of the industry.


The Embraer Lineage 1000E comprises roughly 800 square feet of living space with wings. Beever’s team offers clients thousands of combinations featuring the finest leathers, wools, and silks for the five interior zones. “We spend countless hours researching different materials and products, so that when a customer comes with a unique ask, we have already done the hard work and are prepared with our answer,” says Beever.


“What makes the Lineage 1000E different from other private jets is the fact that its size hits a sweet spot,” says Beever. This means it can fly into smaller airports such as Aspen, CO and Teterboro, NJ (outside of New York City), where there are weight and wingspan limits. “Larger private jets simply can’t fly into these smaller airports, and it makes logistics more of a headache for clients.”


A view inside the pilot’s cockpit onboard the Embraer Lineage 1000E.


“By nature the aircraft has a limited amount of space,” says Beever, “and that forces us to be creative and dig around for ways to get the most out of all areas while accommodating the client’s wishes.”


“What the client gets with this perfectly sized private jet are amenities such as a 42-inch TV sitting on a credenza that doesn’t need to be stored for takeoff or landing,” says Beever. “And across from the television can be a multifaceted seating arrangement. With the advent of Apple TV, Airplay, Wi-Fi, and so on, owners can come onto the plane and start watching TV as if they were in their home.”


A queen-size bed separates the rest of the cabins from the private bath. “Luxury is space,” says Beever. “My job is making my clients feel at home on their private jets, so it doesn’t seem as though they’re stuck in a small cylinder for several hours.”


The Lineage 1000E comes with the industry’s largest shower, which has its own 30-gallon hot-water tank (a separate reservoir is used for the onboard dishwasher). The shower features stone walls and floor. Exterior windows within the space bring in sunlight while rinsing off at 41,000 feet.


This rendering shows Beever’s vision for the future of private jet interiors. “It’s about windows creating more sunlit space. Instead of using technology to create a sense of space, we can harness the power of nature by allowing more of it into our cabin.”

By Nick Mafi. Originally published in Architectural Digest.



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