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SeaXplorer: The Superyacht That Can Break Though Ice

The Property Addict / Toys

Oct 08 2015

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Introduced at the Monaco Yacht Show last month, it wasn't an actual vessel that was causing a buzz " it was the world's first purpose built range of expedition yachts with global capability proposed by DAMEN. Boasting technology that will allow them to travel across the world, the SeaXplorer has the capability to do it all, from breaking through ice in the Arctic to sailing through a tropical paradise. Designed by DAMEN, a Dutch ship builder, the SeaXplorer range of expedition yachts promise to offer life changing experiences by reaching remote locations across all four corners of the globe. Through investing time in research and development from ice tank testing to detailed design, the SeaXplorer offers something never seen before. Interior_SeaXplorer65msky_loungeThe team developed the instantly recognizable exterior in collaboration with AZURE Yacht Design and Naval Architecture, while the owner's choice of a luxury interior designer ensures no compromise has to be made. "A number of experienced yachting clients approached us about adapting DAMEN's professional vessels, so we knew from them that there were simply no globally capable luxury explorer yachts out there. And that's also what we heard from EYOS Expeditions who have decades of experience in bespoke luxury expeditions to the wildest places on the planet. So that's why DAMEN began developing the SeaXplorer. The result is well beyond a pretty rendering. It's a fully developed range " something only DAMEN could do" said Rob Luijendijk, AMELS Managing Director. The unique and patented SEA AXE hull design not only ensures comfort but also guarantees safety in any sea, while the SeaXplorer's Polar Class double-acting hull breaks through ice. All three models can enjoy up to 40 days of full luxury and can reach even the most remote destinations. Each yacht carries expedition equipment, tenders, toys, submersibles, dive equipment and up to two helicopters. The yachts can deploy tenders and toys quickly and safely, ensuring guests never miss a chance to enjoy a spontaneous adventure. DAMEN's Chief Commercial Officer Arnout Damen said: "It's the synergy of DAMEN and AMELS, the shipbuilding know-how, the deep understanding of superyacht lifestyles and the right experienced partners who understand luxury expeditions. It makes the SeaXplorer a very attractive project at an advanced stage so we can have a real conversation with each client about what they want to achieve." elitetraveler AFT_HeliDeck Interior_SeaXplorer90m_Observation_door Interior_SeaXplorer90m_Upper_Deck_Main_Saloon SeaAxe90m_Antarctica_on_Ice SeaXplorer_65m_Antartica SeaXplorer_90m_Antarctica SeaXplorer_90m_Antarctica_Bay SeaXplorer_90m_Ice_Breaking SeaXplorer-90m_Tropical_Night



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