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Blainey's Manhattan Hotels Guide

The Property Addict / Travel

Sep 10 2015

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Contemporary fashionistas, crystal magic and de Niro by the fireside

As my last article on Mayfair hotels seemed to assist many of the World Cup Goers, I thought a little more assistance on hotels might be in order. I've spent a considerable amount of time in New York with an office there and my darling younger brother, being a professor at Yale (he's the idiot in the family ). However, I find Manhattan quite intense, so my hotel choice becomes a most critical part of my stay. Artful design and a "Ë?Million Dollar Listing' location is the key to surviving the work-life continuum of the big apple. Here's a way to navigate your way around the most expensive 20 sqm in the world (outside of Paris that is! ). Baccarat Hotel Midtown 05_Baccarat-Hotel-New-York_Model-Room_Forbes_01-1940x1439 The newest luxury hotel product in NY is the Baccarat. It is a seething, crystaline vortex of glamour. The hotel not surprisingly showcases the impeccable Baccarat craft and style at every opportunity. Even the faà §ade appears to be made of blades of crystal glass. The Gilles and Bossier designed rooms are some of the most luxuriously appointed in town with a French obsessive attention to detail. In fact, the beautiful, waxed linen shoe bags made me gasp with pleasure. Technology is exquisitely integrated with an iphone to control everything from the room service to the drapes; it has the most beautiful and easy interface any luddite can use. The bar downstairs is a midtown, after-work hot spot where you literally have to book to stand at the bar. The verdict? The Baccarat is luxe with a capital X. baccarat-hotel-and-residences-new-yorkgrand-salon-8   Greenwich Hotel Downtown greenwich-lobby051 In the words of Robert De Niro from the movie Casino "Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it. You understand?" and at the Greenwich he may well be right. This has to be one of my all time favourite hotels. I'm sure it's due to Robert De Niro's extensive hotel experience that the hotel feels truly unique and as close to that old adage "a home away from home" that I've ever found. No photo will do this hotel justice, just like some of the great homes in the world are unable to be photographed, this place just has a feeling of warmth, comfort and cool. Every room is slightly different and has a selection of RDN's personal affects on the shelves. There is a private lounge area only for hotel guests where you can eat your breakfast in armchairs by the fire alongside a few notable names from Hollywood. The restaurant Locanda Verde is always impossibly cool. The Mark Uptown The-Mark The current choice of fashionista's and the place to be seen is The Mark. Designed by the famous French hotel designer Jacques Grange, the interiors are surprisingly contemporary. The foyer is an intense, geometric experience with contemporary art - a fantastic space to pass through. The restaurant by Jean George is a ladies-who-lunch crowd and naturally has the best selection of gluten-free salads on the upper east side. The things I love most about the hotel though, are the pull out drawer fridges in the rooms, the divine bathrooms, the hotel scent by Frederic Malle and last but not least, the free delivery and 24/7 access to Bergdorfs. [caption id="attachment_803" align="alignnone" width="2000"]The bathroom in a suite at The Mark Hotel, NYC The bathroom in a suite at The Mark Hotel, NYC[/caption] By Blainey North Blainey-North-Logo  



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