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Escape to Bali's Best Beach

The Property Addict / Travel


Jun 11 2019

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Karma Beach is secluded at the bottom of the edifice of a lush jungled resort of clifftop villas, its meandering cobbled pathways echoing the quaintness of a rustic Greek or European seaside village. 

Down the imposing vertical cliff-face via a car lift, the canopy of thick green jungle clears to reveal crystal clear turquoise waters, waves lapping gently on white sandy beach below, faint beats of music carry up on the sea-salty breeze from the DJ booth below.

Fit tanned bodies glide by on stand up paddle boards and a gaggle of svelte young model types in brightly colored bikinis splash and prance in the shallows, playing it up for a photo shoot. Some onlookers stand close by fascinated by the show as the rest of the beach soaks up the sun, the spectacle of it lost in the atmosphere and relaxed, upbeat vibe of the small stretch of sand. 

Families and couples laze in a combination of shaded cabanas, sunbeds, and beanbags, strolling to the water’s edge to refresh and back to the sunbed to dry off in the heat. Waitstaff in crisp white attire dart with trays between guests with fresh coconuts, cocktails, and snacks. 

To the left of the beach, around a private little corner and in the delicious cool shade of the cliffside, the day spa sits on the water’s edge, offering an array of relaxing massages and treatments to be had in the sea breeze and to the sound of waves lapping at doorstep.

Further past the spa, and still on the water’s edge, the shaded yoga bale offers private and group sunrise and sunset sessions, to stretch out holiday muscles.  

The beach a vibrant melting pot of nationalities, colors shapes, and sizes. We head back up the car lift and start a conversation on the way with one of the villa owners, a Danish partner at Ernst and Young based in London, who is holidaying with his wife and two young children. “We have traveled a lot as a family for my work he said, lived in Australia and all-over Europe, this place is a constant for our kids because we move so much.” “Some of the best memories we have had as a family are here. It is rustic and we absolutely love it”. 

The car lift stops, and we head to the second-day spa, perched at the peak of a deep jungled ravine and high atop the cliff overlooking the beach and straight out to the horizon, where the blue of the sky melts into the blue of the horizon. Vibrant yellow coloured butterflies’ flit across our path as we stroll, dappled sunlight glinting through the tropical foliage above. Crossing a bridge that leads past the resort gym, a glass box full of modern equipment perched on the escarpment of the ravine, lush tropical foliage.  

The massages we have are the best we have had in Bali, utilizing ancient acupressure techniques to release tension and built up toxins. We book in for another the following day.  

Originally acquired by entrepreneur and CEO of Karma Group John Spence with a view to retiring, he employed a Feng Shui expert to find the best location in Bali. Falling in love with the remote clifftop location, the crystal turquoise water, white sand beach, the butterflies, wildlife and lush foliage the site evolved instead of his retirement destination to become Karma Kendara villas and Karma private beach.  

Get there via Garuda or Qantas 



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