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In Miami, Dubai, Maldives, Christie's set to debut world's first eco-friendly private islands

The Property Addict / Travel

Aug 27 2015

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In partnership with Amillarah Private Islands, guests have been given the opportunity to create something truly unique " a bespoke tailor made floating residence anywhere in the world, be it Dubai, the Maldives or New York. The completely customizable islands are free from environmental impact, safe from rising sea levels and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life, bringing personalized real estate to a whole new level. globetrot2 Amillarah is the creative vision of developer Dutch Docklands, founded in 2005 by Paul H.T.M van de Camp and world renowned Dutch architect Koen Olthuis who was once named one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. For years, the Dutch have lead the world in defense technology for years, leading Christie's to form a perfect partnership to deliver luxurious floating islands. Van de Camp previously told The National: "We are the only company in the world offering floating islands tailor-made to client specifications, based on our Dutch heritage of hundreds of years of working with the water." globetrot5 The islands are completely self sufficient and use the latest state of the art green technology, allowing their environmental impact to be kept at a minimum. They are stable on the water and are built to last for over 100 years, helping to create a new underwater habitat for sea life. They will reportedly each feature their own residence, garden, pool and beach. globetrot6globetrot7 DUTCH DOCKLANDS - THE DEVELOPER For hundreds of years the Dutch have lead the world in water defence technology, which is why Amillarah Private Islands' developers Dutch Docklands is expertly placed to develop these luxury, Floating islands. Working globally in cooperation with Christie's International Real Estate and famed oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society charity, you couldn't be in better hands. PRIVATE ISLANDS - THE NEW TREND IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE A report produced by Candy & Candy, Savills World Research and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management - analysed the global island real estate market based on volume of UNHWI property holdings, transport links to mainland markets, sources of capital and occupiers, tax regime and real estate prices. "A private island is the ultimate trophy asset," says Nicholas Candy, CEO, Candy & Candy. "But financial return is not the primary motivation. These buyers are seeking the ultimate hideaway and a chance to shape their own world. For them, the qualities "remote" and "private" are priceless." "The last 10 years were the decade of prime urban property investment; the next 10 years will see a growing appetite for island real estate investment and lifestyle," said Yolande Barnes, director, Savills World Research. "For the world's wealthy, the pinnacle of achievement is to own what is exclusive and rare, so an island property goes hand-in-hand with a luxury apartment in a prime city."   amillarahlogo



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