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Postcards from Soneva Jani, the over water resort in the Maldives

The Property Addict / Travel

Jun 13 2018

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Azure blue horizon for as far as the eye can see stretches out on either side of the speedboat as we zoom along, Soneva Fushi now disappeared a distant spec behind us in the distance.

The darker horizon gives way to a brilliant smear of florescent turquoise and Soneva Jani, a gathering of overwater huts like a floating fairytale city becomes visible in the distance.  

Opposite Soneva Jani the famous six star LVMH Cheval Blanc sits quietly, a modernist and angular take on island living, Soneva Jani an experience quite unlike any I have ever had.

When we arrive, our room isn’t quite ready but our Mr. Friday invites us to a palatial buffet lunch, which again like Soneva Fushi is a royal display of delicious local and international produce flown in fresh and spilling decadently throughout huge and immaculate, walk-in refrigerated rooms. We pile our plates high with food, eyes, and excitement much bigger than tummies.

The Michelin chef presents us with a tasting plate of BBQ swordfish, prawns, scallops and calamari, all succulent, sweet, beautifully fresh and delicious. Crunchy green fresh salads with tangy dressing and the most beautiful array of sweetly smelling chopped fruit. To finish off, a visit to the gelato room for a few helpings of delicious creamy gelato.

We laze by the fluorescent turquoise water, have a few rides down the slippery slide and our Mr. Friday arrives to escort us to our villa.

The golf buggy drives us down decked pathways to our over-water bungalow, perched, as if floating on the sand-bar in the Indian ocean.  

Our wooden villa opens out to a private sun deck with sunken lounge area, a turquoise private pool, the crystal-clear ocean stretching out to the horizon and wave breaks on edge of the sandbar. The bedroom roof opens up to reveal bright blue sky for sleeping under the stars and the roof deck has our very own private slippery slide.    

Taking our bicycles, we decide to explore the island and ride along the winding decked over-water pathways to the sandy white shores of the island, where giant king crabs scurry to their holes to hide from us as we ride by.

We explore private hidden beaches and find the overwater movie cinema at the very tip of the island. We make it back just in time for a candlelit dinner on the white sandy beach to watch the sunset with flashes of brilliant orange and yellow as the inky black star-lit sky takes over.

Dreamy sunsets give way to clear balmy nights and beautiful sun-lit days, all sliding by in a haze of delicious slow-motion island time and the ultimate escape to indulgent relaxation.       




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