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Soneva Private Picnics on a Deserted Island Paradise

The Property Addict / Travel

The Maldives

Apr 06 2019

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Tiny crystal-clear waves roll gently onto sun-bleached sand as the engine of our speed boat turns off, the sand scratches the bottom of the boat as we glide to a halt on the deserted private island. It is an untouched paradise, with only the sounds of waves lapping on the beach as far as the ear can hear. Fish dart past in the translucent water and a stingray glides by, lazy in the gentle current.

The sun is high in the sky, the heat delicious on tanned skin with whispers of ocean breeze taking the edge out of the sunrays. Thick succulent foliage sits decoratively, metres back from the high tide and gets thicker and more jungle-book-like the further back you go, palm trees and emerald coloured rainforest, the rich green hues vibrant and alive, casting cool and inviting shadows. 

The whole vision is beyond picturesque. I stop for a moment breathing it all in, mesmerised by the magical florescent turquoise colours of the ocean.  

Our porters in front of us, big smiles, in crisp white uniforms help us out of the beached boat and haul dozens of packed eskies to the shore, setting up white sun-shading-umbrellas, plush cushioned sun beds, soft towels and a picnic area for us. They hide the eskies in the shade of a tiny thatched hut, which funnily enough also has a full bathroom just behind it, deserted island paradise with little luxuries. They finish unpacking our feast, making sure we have every comfort imaginable and hand us an old Nokia mobile phone with full bars of reception. “We will be back at three thirty but call us if you need anything or to be picked up early”. Our porters excuse themselves back to the boat, with a flash of white teeth and big welcoming grins, the noise of the speedboat engine fades in the distance as they head back to the main resort at Soneva Fushi. And we are alone. Absolutely and blissfully alone.  

We decide to go for a stroll on the beach around the island to work up an appetite, bare feet sinking into cool wet sand. Some parts of the shore so dense with foliage we have to wade into the water, past our belly buttons, as we are pushed around gently by the small rolling waves. The island is small, fifteen minutes later we are back to our spot, our picnic blanket laid out for us, next to soft sunbeds, shaded by crisp white umbrellas. 

We unpack the eskies, eager, unwrapping freshly prepared treasures by the Soneva Michelin star chefs; an array of delicious sashimi, crisp salads, marinated BBQ prawns and fish; fresh bread, dips, cold prosciutto, soft and hard cheese’s, beautifully prepared veges a smorgasbord of heavenly delicacies. Crispy chilled rose and sparkling mineral water quench a salty-ocean-induced thirst with such blissful satisfaction, both bottles disappear and new ones open. Conversation flows and then easy silence and more chats, taking in the mesmerising scenery and trying to imprint it into mind, body, and soul. 

Heavenly hours roll by between swims, food and sunbaking.... on repeat, finished off with Soneva – grown fresh and deliciously sweet strawberries, chocolate parfaits, whipped cream, and espresso. 

We hear the boat engine getting louder from the distance as the speed boat approaches, gliding into the sandy shallows. Smiling faces collect our picnic and we are back on our way to Soneva Fushi, bellies full and joyfully relaxed after our once in a lifetime experience, the Soneva Private Picnics on a deserted island paradise. 

Singapore Airlines flies from Australia via Singapore to Male Airport, from there Soneva Fushi is a 30-minute seaplane ride.

Visit Soneva Fushi here.



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