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Wednesday 6th June

Value Hunting / Markets


Jun 04 2019

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This week’s MP Report is the eighth of the year and we have a few exciting additions.

When I started MP Group about 9 years ago, I knew I wanted to create a funds management business. The company started off as an advisory business with the MP Report as a way to market ourselves – we also used it for research purposes.

Up until this point I had been in the commercial industrial and residential agency and development space since I was 19. I had years of property experience across all sectors and as a result had developed a strong understanding of our how property behaves. 

Fast forward to today. I have now been in property for nearly 17 years, had MP Group for nine years and MP Funds Management for seven and a half years. MP Funds Management has provided investment funding for over $1.1 billion in real estate-based investment, across 21 transactions and produced and investment return of around 22% across the board. We invest in any property sector that produces a strong risk-adjusted return, based on robust property fundamentals.

The property market is dynamic and always changing. For this reason, the MP Report is designed to communicate where MP Funds Management sees value, to keep you informed of the market and also to provide detail on our latest deals. The MP Report has access to the highest quality information, over the years we have done quite a bit of testing and based on the results of that testing we are evolving to deliver that information in a way that’s more image focused, faster to consume and in line with the behavioural tech-driven evolution that is happening in the media space.

The MP Report new format (is still under renovation! &) now also include a section called ‘What Wealth Means to Me’ which provides anecdotal stories on life, lessons learned and digging into what wealth actually means to different people.

I am fascinated by the subject of wealth that’s because for me personally, it doesn’t just mean money, 

When it comes down to it, time is the deciding and finite currency. We all have a finite amount of time here and how that time is spent is what creates a rich life well-lived. Referring to Maslow’s theory, moving up the hierarchy of needs is what is said to create fulfillment and the sense of a rich life, achieving those upper elements of the hierarchy and that sense of fulfillment is what wealth means to me.     

Whilst we are young, most of us trade our time for money and hopefully, we invest both wisely so as time goes on, we build a solid foundation and life gets richer and more rewarding. Financially speaking, one of our goals as investors at Golden Goose Capital is to have enough capital invested so that the income from the invested capital more than covers living expenses with a growing surplus to reinvest. This is what our definition of financial independence is. 

Our MP Funds Management investors are already in this fortunate position and we believe it's a valuable position to be in. Meeting with a mentor at the beginning of the MP Group journey 9 years ago, this mentor made a poignant point to me and that was that without money and financial independence as a tool, it's challenging to have a positive impact in your own life or in anyone else’s. 

Our ‘What Wealth Means to Me’ section of the MP Report explores what this sense of fulfillment is for different people, how they have gotten there. 

To us, this sense of fulfillment is what wealth or a rich life is all about.  
A rich life to us means amazing experiences and having a positive impact, it means enabling the evolution of the human spirit. It means sitting in the driver's seat of your life, being awake and living with intention. It doesn't necessarily mean you stop working or 'retire' in the traditional sense, but it means a shifting of focus to the fact that time is the great equaliser. We are all gifted with an unknown and finite amount of precious time here on this earth and everyone has a unique bucket list of key things that will create fulfillment beyond the basic foundational elements of food and shelter in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.   

Achieving financial independence, equity protection and then implementing sensible strategies to grow that pool of capital is an important element of a life well lived because it means having the means to enable the choice as to how to spend the precious & limited time we have here on this earth. It is having the means to help the people we love & it is paving the path for the next generations for a better and more empowered world.

We hope you enjoy the new MP Report format as it continues to evolve.


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